Sunday, 14 March 2010

Recovery day!

Its a beautiful sunny day and I went for a 2.25 hr walk this morning to get the blood moving a little less sluggishly and clear my head with some fresh air. I really enjoyed it for the first hour and a half or so, then I felt a bit nauseous but a bottle of green tea with peach juice in it gave me the energy to walk on home. I threw away quite a lot of leftovers, and gave most of my baking to my MiL (I just kept back a couple of brownies and some cookies for M) so the house is fairly clear of danger now, and I must admit I’m pleased about that!

A view of the Old Severn Crossing & the coast of England seen over the fields. It was a lovely morning, brighter than it looks here!


Punk chicken… (at the back)


Lots of cute lambs along the way (with less cute adult sheep)


Food today:

Breakfast: After being up about 3 hours (and very little sleep, probably because I’m not used to having as much beer as I did – or eating as much sugar as I did) and planning a long walk I forced myself to eat something, figuring that even though I still wasn’t hungry I probably wouldn’t make it home again without something to eat; I had a green monster smoothie in a bowl.


Lunch: Marmite vegetable soup, a grilled Chavroux goat’s cheese, pesto sauce & red onion sandwich – well 2 actually – made with some white bloomer left over from yesterday – it made a lovely change, but is definitely less filling than wholemeal bread, followed by Greek yoghurt, honey, cereal & peaches



Dinner: Left over cous cous salad and a mixed leaf salad with tomatoes and cucumber, with a Waitrose nut roast & red pepper sauce


Snacks: No morning snack because I was out; all bran with peaches for tea, some raisins and a couple of No No Hot ‘n’ Spicy flatbreads.

Weight today: No idea, if you wonder why I didn’t weigh I refer you to my earlier post about yesterday ;-)

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