Friday, 26 March 2010

Protein Balls

Sorry guys, I assumed everyone else had seen protein balls before I even knew they existed!

I’m afraid they’re not nearly as intriguing as I may have made them sound… they’re just protein bars in a different shape!

I buy them at Whole Foods Market,(I’ve never seen them anywhere else so I assumed they were just emerging on this side of the pond) mainly because they tend to be based on all natural raw ingredients with lots of dried fruit, nuts and seeds blended together and shaped into… well, balls!

P1030964 P1030965

The main appeal for me is that they are an easily portable snack to take on walks unlike my protein smoothies and Greek yoghurt concoctions!

Welcome Gofer and anyone else who’s strayed this way from Lynn’s memorial blogroll. Even though you got here (indirectly) through a tragedy its nice to meet you!


  1. Hi Chrissie. Nice to make your acquaintance.

    Protein balls sound interesting. I'll look out for them.

    BTW, I think we must be mirror images - I'm a Welshwoman (well, mostly), without kids, a seriously obsessed foodie, and I'm living in England (but would love to go home) :-)

  2. Are they good? I've seen those before but I didn't buy them cause they were a bit pricey and I wasn't sure if I'd like them!

  3. Hi Chrissie,

    Nice to find more weight-loss/healthy-eating blogger in the UK. Will keep reading!

  4. I bought a couple of them in a shop near the office but the first one I had was too almondy so I've been putting off eating the other....knowing me I'd just keeping eating you said, waste is terrible isnt' it?! A book I read earlier this year had an interesting part about how we don't want to waste food so we use our BODIES as a dustbin instead and then gave a detailed breakdown of what happens to food once it's in our body. It's a hard mindset to get out of though, we can only keep trying to change it!