Sunday, 14 March 2010

OMG So much fooooood

I’m still full stuffed right now.

The good news is, the Thai restaurant is still wonderful since changing hands. The bad news is I think they tried to kill us with kindness – I’ve never seen so much food on one table for 4, and it was so good that I ate far too much. The other bad news is that when I ate too much I was relying on a good after lunch walk that never happened, so I suffered during the afternoon. (then I fed us again, but that’s beside the point – the extra food was needed for alcohol absorbing purposes!!!)


First, even before we ordered, we had prawn crackers with dips – sweet chilli dipping sauce and peanut dip. I like Thai prawn crackers better than Chinese, but didn’t get a picture – just picture thicker, less rubbery crackers in an orange shade!

Then we ordered a set meal as it was a completely new menu and we wanted to try lots of different dishes.

The starter was a mixed platter of appetisers (this was between 2 – so we had 2 platters on the table): Chicken satay with the best peanut dip in the world; mussels steamed with herbs and served with a sauce poured on; prawn toasts; sweetcorn fritters; crab cakes; vegetarian spring rolls


Next, there was Tom Kha soup – to die for (but very fattening as it was clearly mostly coconut milk)


Then the main course began to arrive (it took a hostess trolley with 2 shelves and a man bringing out something else that hadn’t fitted on the trolley!!!

Gai Pad Priew Wan - Sweet and sour chicken – the best I’ve ever had with loads of lovely chunks of pineapple


Green curry with mixed seafood – more mussels, huge prawns, and squid that was both meaty and melt-in-the-mouthy-y!


Pad thai with chicken – this was, I freely admit, better than the pad thai I cooked a few weeks ago, but now I know what to aim for when I make it again!


Goong Pad Prik Gang (I think) – it was definitely a king prawn curry, and this one looks right


A beef dish, stir fried with chillies & stuff. This was quite tasty, but nowhere near as exciting as the above dishes


Side dish of stir-fried vegetables. Usually I would’ve been all over this, but it stood no chance next to everything else!


There was also a scallop dish that was too far away for me to photograph – like the beef, it was less exciting anyway.

We also each had a small bowl of steamed rice to accompany it, but I figure you know what rice looks like!

I drank Singha – my favourite Thai beer - with it.

Just reading about it all in the menu to label the dishes for you has made me feel slightly ill right now! It was definitely worth it though!  This restaurant keeps changing hands because its location really isn’t suitable but every time they somehow maintain the amazing quality of the dishes – we’re so lucky to have it!

Then we spent the afternoon sitting around. More drink was taken and I admit – sorry to be whingey and bitchy – that as I drank a lot less (not claiming any moral high ground, but you remember me posting about what a lightweight I’ve become) I did find it sometimes annoying to be the most sober person in the room once things got boisterous!

Which is why I was glad to go organise more food in the evening – it gave me an excuse to go off to the kitchen on my own for a while and I did an excessive amount of food (not all of which was consumed, I must state for the record) for its blotting effects.

We had some chicken cashew nut cakes out of the freezer (bought at Christmas – so at least I fulfilled my clear the freezer duties there!); cheese on crackers, ham sandwiches, mini pizzas made from wholemeal English muffins, pate on toast, there was houmous with crackers and veg (no-one touched that – typical avoidance of healthy food!) oatmeal raisin choc chip cookies, and raisin bread.


Plus I made a salad of giant cous cous, roasted vegetables, herbs, pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, feta & preserved lemons in a a dressing of orange juice, garlic, cumin and cinnamon with olive oil


And then we had the brownies I made, with Ben & Jerry’s Baked Alaska ice-cream – which was an amazing combination that worked really well together. The brownies were gorgeous! (even though not very photogenic!)  (and I forgot to photograph the combination, sorry!)


Close up…


Confession time:

Confession # 1) I ate a cookie and 2 brownies while waiting for them to arrive. Plus a couple of crackers. After having a breakfast of all bran with peaches and Greek yoghurt with honey & cereal. Yep, I did it again!

Confession #2) I knew yesterday would lack in fibre and leave me feeling bloated and constipated today, so I took a laxative in the morning. Lets just say its working… I know that’s TMI, but given my past habits with this I feel guilty when I take them so I want to report it for accountability – sorry!!!

Weight yesterday was 10 st 4lbs – blech!


  1. Re: Confession #1, I think we are like two peas in a pod when it comes to the nibble nibble monster...mmmm...if i had peas in front of me now I'd eat them. Argh! Something I'm trying to move towards is maybe not bothering with an actual meal if I know I'm going to be grazing on stuff I'm preparing. I've had to start doing that on weekends because the "recipe monster" inside me keeps breaking free and doing a tasmanian devil impression in the kitchen.

    Re Confession #2 I have never taken an actual laxative (fybogel is about as close as it gets) but I know how MISERABLE it makes me if I'm not er....moving properly. I also refuse ot er...use the facilities in work for that particular purpose so there have been times in work when I've been doubled up in pain. Kind of ridiculous but there *is* someone in work who has no problem "using the facilities for that particular purpose" and we all leg it if we see her heading for the bathroom. I do not want to be that person!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!

    On that happy thought..

  2. Wow! All of that looks amazing (drool)!

  3. Second Angel's comment!! Yum :)