Thursday, 11 March 2010

A nice quiet day

No trips today! Unless you count my regular walk into town of course, and a shopping trip to Tesco – the excitement!!! Still, I often see something unexpected along the way, and I got some more German shepherd affection too!


The sun is out and its quite warm here today, so that was nice. I was a little bit naughty in Tesco (see below) but nothing to worry about or stress over luckily! I physically restrained myself from preparing some artisan bread dough this afternoon as I have no room for it in the freezer – once again I really need to work harder on eating up the contents of the freezer, the problem of course being that that’s boring when I want to cook something interesting. Speaking of cooking something interesting, I made an Indian vegetarian dish for dinner today – Chana masala. I made it in the afternoon so the chopping, stirring and grinding would distract my hands from the bread I can’t be making right now! The smell was outstanding, heavy on the cumin as there’s 2 lots of cumin in there, and it looked fantastic cooking. There’s a big list of spices, but most of them can be measured out & mixed up front (I’m just like a TV chef, me!!!) and then its really simple to cook. Progress shots, in the pan…



Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a sandwich of 1 slice nimble bread with 1 LF sausage. I bought the bowl in a charity shop in Frome yesterday so I decided to give you a photo of my all bran today – don’t go thinking that I forgot you’ve seen it before!


Lunch: A new batch of vegetable soup, with spelt, red lentils and a tablespoon of marmite for protein and background flavour (I hate marmite as a spread, but in cooking, and so long as there’s a big quantity of other things in there, I don’t mind it at all) and a grilled vegetable sandwich made with some 100 % whole grain maple oatmeal bread and Chavroux goat’s cheese – my favourite soft creamy (expensive) goat’s cheese



Dinner: Chana masala with brown rice, chopped tomatoes, cucumber & spring onion, and a little raita-style dip with greek yoghurt and mint sauce to cool it down. This was really tasty, very flavourful indeed.


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with honey & cereal; 2 chocolate covered brazil nuts, 6 chocolate raisins and one square of vanilla fudge – all from the Tesco pick’n’mix – and some popcorn with sea salt and nutritional yeast. Plus some dried fruit.

Weight today: 10st 2.25lbs

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  1. Cumin is a prince among spices. Bought a big bag of it today :)