Monday, 1 March 2010

A new week and a new month

And so far its off to quite a good start! I walked into town this morning bright and early – left around 7:30 am and the sun was already out, in fact it was almost too bright!



It was cold as well, just sub-zero with a thick crisp frost everywhere – I had a really nice walk. I did some shopping and came back a bit overloaded with heavy vegetables and some wine, so that was a bit tough because I’ve eased off so much on the walking weight lately, but it certainly felt good to get home and take the rucksack off!

This afternoon I did the 30 day shred as well. I decided last week  that I wouldn’t be mixing it with anything more intense than walking or yoga from now on as I’d rather be able to do something virtually every day than work really hard a couple of days then spend the next two days lying on the sofa groaning quietly (who me? no, not me…!!!) I’ve decided not to be a wuss about owning up to the low weights as well – I’m basically using 4lbs in each hand, and in my current state of weakness that is more than enough! I don’t have any of the small hand-weights marketed at women, just a load of dumbbells that used to belong to my husband till he abandoned them in favour of compound lifts and kettle bells. The bars alone – with no weights – are 4lb each, so I actually look like a total joke exercising without any weights on there at all – but the way my arms feel in the 2nd and 3rd circuits, I’ll look daft and suck it up for now I think! And I managed to work up quite a sweat as well!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and an egg (scrambled in the microwave) in a sandwich made with home-made beer bread


Lunch: A new batch of vegetable soup with steam-cooked canned spelt and split peas in it, with an open faced roll – home-made 100% wholegrain maple oatmeal bread from the Healthy Artisan bread book – smothered in LC and topped with left-over roast turkey breast. This bread is delicious but, as admittedly the name makes clear, slightly sweet from the maple syrup so not one of my favourites.


Dinner: Around the world in 80 meals! Korean Firecracker Chicken with a very un-authentic vegetable fried rice to accompany it because I was feeling a bit under-vegetabled. It probably should have been served with sticky white rice instead. It was lovely!!! Its so simple that I was having some doubts about it but OMG so much flavour! And very well named, my mouth is still burny and tingly! If you like spicy food you should give it a go! I must admit I substituted Half Spoon reduced cal sugar for the sugar and cut back on the oil, but it was still absolutely amazing and I already want some more!


The fiery & delicious sauce…


Weight today: 10 st 2.5lbs.

Snacks: A little PB and a few dried mulberries & cherries; Greek yoghurt with honey and cereal; protein smoothie


  1. Hi Chrissie. 4lbs isn't too tragic! Anyway, you don't want to look like Arnie do you?!

    That recipe does sound like quite a lot of sugar. I think I would have used maybe a little honey instead which is more intense in flavour anyway, so you wouldn't need much. Mine would be totally inauthentic as I have to use Worcester Sauce instead of soy! In fact I have used simply WS as a marinade for chicken and it's very hot and spicy without adding anything else.

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Hi Chrissie - I am using 5 pound dumbells when I do The 30 Day Shred. I started level 2 with 2 pound weights and just moved up to 5 pounds. I tell myself there is plenty of time to gradually move to higher weights. That chicken looks really tasty! The sun is beautiful in the photo.