Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Mousetrap

First, some photos of the Fleet Street, Aldwych & Leicester Square, taken on the way to the theatre

P1030712 P1030716 P1030720 P1030722 P1030724 P1030725

The play started at 3pm. I felt like I was sitting in the ceiling as the theatre is very small with very steeply slanting seats – and I was in the Upper Circle. They didn’t allow photography so I’m afraid I’ve no photos.

I’m not going to tell you the plot in case you decide to go to see it! It’s now been running constantly in that theatre for 58 years – absolutely amazing! The play was well done and well acted but definitely typical Agatha Christie, so if you don’t like her work you wouldn’t like it (and you have no taste, as she’s brilliant!!!)

After the play we were asked not to reveal whodunnit to anyone, which I thought was a nice touch!!!

I then raced back to the hotel for dinner, starving again!

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: A bran muffin, followed by a huge slice of banana bread on the train when I realised that I was unlikely to have time for a morning snack and one bran muffin (120 cals) wouldn’t be likely to hold me till lunch. I really wanted some Greek yoghurt for protein rather than more carbs, but sometimes you have to go with what you can find!

P1030615 P1030616

Lunch: A Subway 6” lite sub with ham and lots of salad (no cheese) topped with sweet onion sauce


Dinner: Fish & chips in the hotel restaurant, followed by a sundae of pistachio, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream topped with chopped pistachio nuts

P1030726 P1030727

And some beer, followed by a shot of amaretto… oops!

Snacks: An EAT yoghurt, honey & banana snack pot topped with grape nuts (nice, but probably would’ve been nicer if eaten straight from the fridge) mid afternoon, and some Nak’d orange infused raisins at the theatre.


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