Friday, 19 March 2010

A less productive day

Thursday was intended to be a day when I would go to the Museum of London (which holds the artefacts dug up all over the city whenever they build new buildings or roads – showing a millennium of human occupancy) but after the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday I decided I’d had enough museums for this trip. Instead I decided to head up to a part of London that’s new to me – the Golders Green area, which apparently is the centre of London’s Jewish community, in search of delis where I hoped to find lots of exciting new (to me) food items to try. As I’ve been trying to avoid using public transport once I get into the city, I tried to walk there, starting by heading up to Camden Town area (because that’s as far as my touristy map extends). FAIL. I found Camden Town and walked through the shopping area (including a mini Whole Foods Market where I found my favourite flavour Nak’d bar that wasn’t available in the bigger store – Banana bread!), but once I got there I couldn’t find any signs for anywhere I recognised. I just didn’t do the research! Next time, I’ll possibly print out a map, or directions, or maybe even catch a bus instead of insisting on travelling under my own power!

Anyhow, I then walked up the aptly named Primrose Hill. Didn’t see any primroses but certainly it was a hill!!! The view from the top was incredible, these pictures can’t do it justice as my camera isn’t great at panoramic views, but hopefully you can get an idea of the scale at least



I then walked to Regent’s Park, through the park, and found Marylebone High Street; walked down there, made it to Regents Park Road, walked down to Charing Cross Road, past Trafalgar Square, onto The Strand, and then over Waterloo Bridge to Waterloo Station.


Claridges Hotel (above)

P1030911 P1030912 P1030913 P1030914 P1030915 P1030916

Trafalgar Square above * 2 – it looked like summer with the crowds around the fountains!

P1030917 P1030918

I love the architecture along the Strand – beautiful buildings!

After my train ride I had a 2 mile walk out to M’s office to meet him for the drive home. All in all I walked nearly 17 km, and my feet were complaining a lot, especially as it was all on tarmac/ concrete or other hard surfaces, and at the end of a walky week!

Food today:

Breakfast: An exact reply of Wednesday – a punnet of strawberries, a pot of Fage 2% Greek yoghurt with honey, and a home-made bran muffin

Lunch: Back to EAT for another delicious pot of soup – Prawn Tom Yum this time!



Even lower calorie than the last one – just 294 cals!

Followed by


Dinner: Because we didn’t get home till 6 pm and I’d no food prepped we had a Chinese Takeaway. I had the House Special Foo Yung (or omelette!) with some mixed stir fried vegetables


Looks messy, and its not my favourite, but I still enjoyed it. Can’t wait to eat something healthier tonight though!

Snacks: My last day was my snackiest, but I’m not too worried – because I managed the entire trip without once getting that horrible desperate bingeing feeling. I definitely overate, and didn’t make the healthiest choices all the time, but I felt much more in control this week, more like a normal person enjoying a week away than a psycho eating  devouring everything in sight!

A last day Krispy Kreme apple cinnamon filled doughnut:

P1030893 P1030894

A Nak’d Banana bread bar


A vanilla frescato – I got this because I wasn’t sure what one was, and after having it I guess I’d have to call it a milkshake! It was delicious and very refreshing after all my walking, but didn’t taste low fat though the sign said it was!

And a snack bag of dried apricots while I waited for M.

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  1. Ooh, I loved seeing the pictures of London. John has a conference in Copenhagen this fall and I am hoping to tag along. One of my best friends from college lives near Manchester and we would love to meet them in London for a day or two. I remember all of the pigeons in Trafalgar Square! The pictures are beautiful Chrissie. Congratulation on how you navigated your food on this trip. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, but were able to keep yourself from enjoying too much. Good job. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love it when I have the opportunity to visit London but I always end up leaving considerably less well off (due to my shopping addiction!) Looks like you had a fab time, your eats look lovely as well, and you did really well not to binge out! xx

  3. I've never had a krispy kreme but it looks really nice! I'll have to try one if I get the chance

  4. I am so jealous of this whole trip.

    When we lived in London when I was a kid, we lived in Golders Green.

    So much of your trip has been so surreal, though... when I was a kid, there were no Subways, Starbucks, or Krispy Kremes in London... in my mind, it can't have these horrifying American chains. It's supposed to be all pubs and Wimpy's and... and... you know, British stuff!

    The pics you've posted have been a nice walk down memory lane, though. I miss London.

  5. London really is a place you could walk the legs off yourself, it's so vast!

    We stayed in a hotel on the Strand the last time were there and I absolutely loved the area, I just adore Covent Garden.

    Ha ha as per noceleryplease's comment, I'm always amazed by all the Pret a Manger/Cafe Nero shops there are in London...zillons of them!