Saturday, 20 March 2010

Lazy (Greedy) Saturday

Well, I decided not to bother going back to the proper eating until tomorrow as Sunday has always been the start of my week. Which is just as well because almost constant rain meant that I didn’t feel like walking; trying to finally ‘fix’ my shoulders meant I didn’t want to do anything that might require a bra, so I drove to Waitrose and didn’t otherwise leave the house. And I ate. A lot. Well, to be realistic and not hyper-critical, quite a lot, not full on past time binge a lot!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a mountain bread wrap containing a sliced low fat sausage, spinach, onion & mushrooms sautéed together.


Lunch: A mug of vegetable soup and these crackers with Chavroux goat’s cheese * 6


Dinner: Meatloaf (not brilliant because I used too heavy a hand with the dried chilli flakes) with Waitrose Bubble & Squeak and steamed green beans, broccoli & cauliflower. Followed by a mini pot of Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream to accompany my favourite dessert wine, discovered on a past cruise and virtually impossible to find in the UK (excluding mail order) – but stocked in Whole Foods Market!

P1030931 P1030934 P1030935


Is that a beautiful colour or what? Such a gorgeous wine! Its called Essensia, by Quady Vineyard in California, and its so full of peachy, orangey flavours – rather than just being ‘sweet’ like most dessert wines. Love it!

Snacks: Greek Yoghurt with honey & cereal; No No crackers – about 4 or 5; Peanut butter; Dried dates and prunes.

Weight today: A definitely dehydrated 10 st 2.5lbs

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  1. I've onloy had dessert wine a couple of times. I like it very much though...hmm something to do with my sweet tooth perchance ;)