Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Imperial War Museum

I went to the IWM today for a special exhibition – about food!!! Shocker, huh???

It was about the Ministry of Food in WWII, The Land Army, Dig for Victory Campaign, Advice on healthy cooking, rationing etc. I also went round their permanent WWII  exhibition as I was there. I walked there from Waterloo station. I must admit I don’t much like walking through the Lambeth area, I’ve now done it a couple of times and it seems sort of miserable and grubby to me. The IWM was very impressive though, and stood out even more in the depressing surroundings


P1030749 P1030753 P1030754 P1030757 P1030780

A portable air raid shelter!


A German mine

The exhibition I went there for was very interesting and quite funny in places!


The above represents an adult’s weekly ration of meat and dairy… is it me, or does that look incredibly unsatisfying??? I mean, I know that portion sizes these days are generally horribly over the top and unhealthy, but still…

P1030795 P1030796 P1030800 P1030801


I should take this one with me to Tesco as a reminder… not to mention Waitrose!!!


The above shows a sample of the kind of goods that might have been in the shops if you were lucky


The end of sweet rationing!

I left the museum at lunchtime and walked back over the Thames via the Jubilee footbridge, then headed towards Charing Cross as the first step towards walking over to the Whole Foods Market in Kensington High Street. I did restrain myself a lot more in Whole Foods Market this time – just a few protein balls and Nak’d bars, some steel cut oats, crackers and an afternoon snack.  Here’s the very restrained stash:


You might be able to recognise the naughty bit… P B & Company’s Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter – I think that may have been a mistake – but I haven’t opened it yet!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: Fage 2% Greek Yoghurt with honey; a bran muffin made by yours truly; a whole  punnet of strawberries

P1030615 P1030728

Lunch: An amazing carton of soup from EAT – check out the calories too! (324 – in case its too small for you to read it!)

P1030822 P1030823 P1030824

Dinner: We were planning to have an Indian meal but I wasn’t in the mood so we went back to Nando’s instead. I had a chicken breast burger (with chilli jam – love that sweet heat!) with ‘mashed peas’ and a salad – yum! Followed by a mango sorbet to take away the left over heat in my mouth!

 P1030876 P1030877 P1030878

Snacks: A seed and nut bar from Asda; some pineapple infused raisins; and the aforementioned dessert from Whole Foods Market – very yummy!

P1030729 P1030730 P1030874

  On the way to Whole Foods Market I walked along Whitehall, through Parliament Square and past Buckingham Palace

P1030831 P1030837 P1030838 P1030843 P1030844 P1030849 P1030855 P1030856 P1030858

Then along Knightsbridge to get to Kensington High Street

P1030865 P1030866 P1030867 P1030869 P1030870 P1030873

I think the Knightsbridge / Kensington / Chelsea area is my favourite in London – architecture-wise. Though I couldn’t believe the trouble I had finding a Starbucks for a comfort break around there – I ended up using the facilities at the Whole Foods Market!

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  1. That soup (along with everything else) does look great! I would love to have a copy of the Grow Your Own Food poster. Beautiful.

  2. Ooh I've never seen that dark chocolate dreams available in the UK, lucky you :-)