Monday, 29 March 2010

A grey Monday

But I still went for a walk – and made it there and back without getting wet for a change! However on the way home I was carrying 22lbs of rucksack and that might have been a mistake given that I woke up with a bad back this morning. In fact I woke up in the night with an agonising pain in my left shoulder and upper back, had a nightmare trying to get back to sleep, and though the shoulder improved the back stayed painful. I had some shopping to do though, and then when I got to Waitrose I found they had some of M’s favourite wine in, so as always when they do I bought as much as I thought I could carry to stock up – and regretted it all the way home!

Food today:

Breakfast: the prettiest pinkest overnight oatbran yet (and very very good they were too!). I soaked the oatbran and whey in a mixture of Greek yoghurt and Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice. This seems like a waste as its very expensive stuff, but it tasted great, especially with some dried cherries mixed in as well!


Lunch: Dinner for lunch again today! I had an ‘Around the World in 80 meals’ moment – and today I went Vietnamese! A bit more exotic than last weeks Welsh effort! I made Chicken with Lemongrass, and it was a lot tastier than it looked! It was served with flat rice noodles and spinach – the spinach was Chinese-inspired, which I believe would really annoy the Vietnamese if they knew about it so keep it quiet! It was just stir-fried spinach with garlic & soy sauce, nothing fancy. The chicken looks kind of bland but was actually really good and will definitely be repeated – but next time I’ll make sure that I pair it up with a salad or stir fry of mixed vegetables, as the green stuff was definitely lacking!


Dinner: Vegetable soup with cold pizza! This has been in the freezer since I made it for M a few weeks ago, and in the spirit of using up stuff from the freezer I decided to dig it out. Yum! I thought about heating it up, but I don’t like microwave heated pizza and I didn’t think it was worth turning the electric oven on just for that.


Snacks: All bran with peaches – even with the oatbran breakfast I still need the fibre boost! – and a plate of houmous (lemon & coriander flavour) with veggies to make up for the spars pickings at lunchtime. Very colourful, and it allowed me to pick at it for a while instead of going in search of extra food in a fit of Monday-itis.


I also ate a Spirulina ginseng ball on my way into town – very like the protein balls I showed before except for a slightly disconcerting green colour and slightly less nutty flavour.


Weight today: 10st 2.1lbs


  1. I'll definately post some more kitty pictures on my blog :)

    I always end up buying loads of heavy stuff not realising how annoying it's going to be to carry home hehe

  2. I love that Pom juice, its a shame its so expensive but I justify it to myself as I rarely buy juices and also the fact that its choc full of antioxidants! It sounds lovely in your breakfast!