Thursday, 25 March 2010

Frustration 0 Chrissie 1

I was stuck indoors all morning waiting for a man to do a thing, and for once managed to resist the frustration eating. What a relief! I rock! Sorta. I did eat my snack early, but it helped me fight off the urge to keep eating later so that was OK with me! He arrived around 10, left just after 11 and I didn’t want to go for a walk without something to eat so I decided to have my dinner at lunch time again and then take a walk afterwards. This was a good idea in terms of not pigging out more, given that I was starving after the early snack, but a bad thing because it took longer than I wanted to cook it so I had to have a cracker to tide me over. Just one though!

On the whole I probably could have done without the protein ball I took on my walk, but everything else I was happy with, and that makes a nice change on a frustrating day. And even with that I’m well within calories for the day!

In other news, I have a telephone interview for a job next Tuesday. There certainly is no guarantee, and I’m not at my best over the phone, but wish me luck anyway! The job in question would require a bit of a daily commute and might give me some issues when it comes to fitting in training and healthy eating, but that’s real life isn’t it? So I’ll just have to suck it up like everyone else if I get the job! Even that hasn’t inspired me to hoover up the edible contents of my kitchen, so I’m reasonably happy today.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a one LF sausage, one slice of bread sandwich


Lunch: Ready meal – fish pie – with green beans and peas


Dinner: Vegetable soup with a sliced bockwurst and kale added and nimble spread with lemon and coriander houmous


Snacks: Protein smoothie; protein ball; 1 muesli spelt Dr Karg cracker; 1 small slice Bara brith (told you I’d have to taste it – delicious by the way! Next time I’ll toast it & butter it);


Greek yoghurt with sliced strawberries and grapenuts


Weight today: 10st 2.4lbs


  1. Hello from accross the pond I got your blog from the blogroll that Lyn from Escape from Obesity det up in honor of Bethany. I look forward to going through your older posts. Burt I have a question what is a Protein Ball?

  2. Woo and Hoo for You! The Bara brith bread looks amazing. I don't know how you live around so much baked goods. I'd be the size of a, well, something very big in the UK. And yes, what is a protein ball?


    Good news on the interview!