Friday, 19 March 2010


No training or exercise today :-(. I wanted to do some yoga or shredding as a change from all the walking this week, but when it came to getting dressed I discovered that wearing a bra (with straps) was a no no – I gouged horrible red marks on both shoulders lugging a heavy over-the-shoulder shopping bag around while also wearing a bra with the straps tightened too much (the bra is saggy and wearing it made me saggy too – until I tightened them. Its in the bin now!!!) The result was that I didn’t want to put on a sports bra and the strapless I’m wearing is not up to holding me for any kind of exercise. Hopefully this rest day will help the shoulders recover quickly enough to do something tomorrow!

Apart from here on my blog, I haven’t been keeping my WLR food diary up this week. In fact, I’m actually considering cancelling my membership, as I don’t use the forums or very often remember to read the articles. Its a little disorienting not completing the diary now that I’m home – it was easier while I was away and lots of the food I was eating would have been wildly guessed anyway – but I’m remembering that for the first 2st of my weight loss I tracked my food and calories for free using an Excel spreadsheet that I made for myself, and I’m thinking about going back to that for a while. If I do decide to I’ll carry on weighing daily and if I find I’m unhappy with my weight over time I can always join up again. The only thing holding me back is the thought of having to re-enter all the recipes that I’ve saved on there (but not shared, because I enter the ingredients in order to calculate the calories and then lazily use the original source for the instructions). The spreadsheet tracking was a little less accurate than doing it through WLR – partly the way I was doing it, as I would enter values for calorie counted recipes without checking the calories with the specific brands I was using – but now that I’m maintaining most of the time I don’t think that would matter – and it might even help me get a little less crazy about the whole calorie counting / food group tracking / healthy eating thing. Anyone reading who belongs / used to belong to an online weight loss community and stopped, whether you went back or not, I’d love to hear your opinion!  I know it sounds silly, but I’m a bit nervous about the idea in case I go insane and instantly regain 50lbs; however saving the money wouldn’t go amiss and nor (as I’ve discussed before) would a more relaxed attitude to my food!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and toast with LC and jam

Lunch: Vegetable soup with added spinach – I have a large bag to use up before it goes off - and a Mountain Bread wholemeal wrap spread with LC and filled with grilled veggies

 P1030924 P1030925

Dinner: The Chana Masala I froze last week (with spinach and aubergine added to bulk it up a little) with brown rice and salad


Snacks: Protein smoothie; a No No cracker; Greek Yoghurt with honey & cereal

Weight today: 10st 4.5 lbs with a little constipation – definitely could be worse!


  1. I've never been a member of an online weightloss thing but I think you would be fine to get rid of it, you've come a long way and it sounds like you know your diet well so I'm sure you would be fine without it!

  2. I agree with Laura's comment. I've tried on online calorie trackers but I just can't be bothered to count every calorie. I'm sure you'll be fine, and you have this blog to help keep you on track xxx