Thursday, 4 March 2010

And now for something completely different

For breakfast, that is, when I had a Filipino inspired ‘Around the World’ dish! But I’ll get to that below.

Today I was expecting a delivery and therefore stuck indoors all day. Having had so much fresh air, exercise and talking yesterday I thought about not bothering to train today, but decided that as I should have shredded yesterday and didn’t have time, I would just do this. Then I decided I didn’t fancy that, and went on the elliptical walker instead. That helped me work up a good sweat, but somehow left me a little bit hyperactive and crazy still, so I showered and then after my delivery arrived I managed a walk as well, in the lovely bright sunshine.  That restored my sanity a bit!

Food today:

Breakfast: ‘80 meals’ Garlic fried rice, spam and a fried egg. I have been planning to do this for months, but I lost the website where I found the original recipes so I had to fake it and consider it a pseudo-80 meals recipe really. Not that it was complicated enough to be described as a recipe. When I made fried rice earlier in the week I cooked 2 portions of rice and kept one for today. Today I used oil spray to stir fry 2 cloves of minced garlic and some chopped onion, added the rice, stirred it around a couple of times, added reduced sodium soy sauce and stuck a lid on the wok, then turned off the heat to let the rice more or less steam heat. And that was the garlic fried rice. Delicious, but I’m not sure the pungent aroma of frying garlic is really one I want to smell at breakfast time! At the same time I pan fried 3 slices of lite Spam, finishing it of with a sprinkle of soy sauce when it had browned, and fried an egg. As an aside, that was quite literally the first time I ever fried an egg! I’ve poached, boiled, hard boiled & scrambled hundreds of them – but today was the first time I fried one. I always felt they were too greasy, but of course all I had to do was use virtually no oil in a very good non-stick pan and that wasn’t the case. I really enjoyed the combination of flavours, and it was certainly simple enough to cook for breakfast even when half asleep, but to be honest to my Western tastes that was a really odd thing to breakfast on. I think it’ll be something I do again – for dinner – and with some stir fried vegetables on the side. Still, fun to experiment with! And if there are any experts in Filippino cookery out there who want to tell me what I could have done to make it more authentic, feel free and I’ll try again using your tips! I wasn’t sure how satisfying it would be immediately after I finished, but it ended up being very filling


Lunch: Vegetable soup with a grilled Cauldron vegetarian Cumberland sausage sliced and stirred in; a sandwich of LC and nimble with green & orange  bell peppers and red onion. Followed by a pudding of silken tofu, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, chocolate whey and cherries



Dinner: Prawns with a big salad today – not very exciting! I was going to have something more interesting but went a bit snack-happy while waiting for my delivery so that didn’t happen!


Snacks: All bran with peaches; toast with ICBINB; harissa almonds, dried blueberries… oh yes, and a bag of Maltesers I bought yesterday and didn’t get round to eating!!! Once again handling frustration and boredom with typical grace and self-control….

Weight today: 10 st 2.1 lbs

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  1. I hate waiting for deliveries! GNO stands for Girls' Night Out, BTW. Have a great day.