Friday, 19 February 2010

Who says office furniture can’t be fun?

My new office chair:


Boing! When even the internet has nothing interesting to offer…

I never had a space hopper, but my new stability ball does the same job!!!

Ah, small things…

I had a nice sunny walk this morning, no running because I had to use my rucksack both ways :-( Not much likelihood of a run tomorrow either as I’m going to Cardiff – to see Witness for The Prosecution at The New Theatre

I also plan to shop my way around Chinatown, the delis and food halls of Cardiff Centre, and find somewhere nice to have lunch!

Anyway, getting ahead of myself there, so back to today!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches, and toast with laughing cow and marmalade


Lunch: ‘Souped up’ barley split pea vegetable soup with a sandwich of laughing cow, Cauldron Lincolnshire sausages and red onion in Nimble bread



Dinner: The ongoing Tofu saga!!! I finally managed to cook the tofu well – oven baked until it was crunchy on the outside. Unfortunately I then spoiled things a bit by adding a rather strongly flavoured (bluntly, overpowering!) black bean sauce. Still, I know how to get the tofu right now so next time I’ll be able to produce a better dinner overall.


Snacks: A Dr Karg crispbread, some Greek yoghurt with Dorset Cereals and honey;


peanut butter; a Hot Cross Bun!!! (a little too well toasted, as I’m sure you can see!) Waitrose has clearly decided that Easter is here and started selling them individually so I can risk it – there’s no way I’d trust myself with a 4 or 6 pack!


Weight today: 10 st 3lbs exactly


  1. Hot Cross Buns...argh, they really are DANGER DANGER!! Can you freeze them I wonder?

    Tofu is so hit and miss. The good thing is though that it is so cheap you can afford to experiment a bit.....

    Easter has arrived in the shops rather quickly...I'm pretty sure I saw easter eggs/chocolate ducks and the like in M&S 2 weeks ago. Baxtards...

    Is it v sad that the mention of Cardiff reminds me a new Dr Who trailer is on tonight..I think it is!!! Hope you have/are having a lovely time in Cardiff :)

  2. Hi Chrissie. Interesting office chair!

    I love that type of good solid theatre piece. You just know you'll have a great time with something like that.

    Getting the torfu crunchy does add texture and a little more taste.

    I first saw Easter stuff in the shops even before the 12th day of Christmas was over. And now I'm bl**dy bombarded by the sight of Easter eggs every time I go in the supermarket. Of course the most difficult time to resist is when it's over and all the eggs are reduced .... Agghhhh!

    Bearfriend xx

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