Saturday, 27 February 2010

Things you don’t know about me

For the awards kindly given me by Laura and Hallie – thanks ladies! (Hallie, sorry its taken me so long – but as you’re about to (re)discover I’m not interesting enough to find it very easy to come up with lots of  interesting facts!)


  1. When I’m depressed I like to get into bed ridiculously early and curl up with a book and a big cup of tea. I also quite like doing that when I’m not depressed… yep, I’m 90!!!
  2. I’ve started 3 novels. Never finished one – but I still want to write, I’m just not yet sure what
  3. If I managed to get my hands on millions (and millions and millions) of pounds I would love to be a space tourist
  4. At school I was part of a team of 3 in a couple of public speaking contests. I entered to try to cure myself of my shyness when it came to speaking out in front of people, but it didn’t work even though we came second in one of the contests. I’m one of those people who blushes a lot even when not necessarily embarrassed, so I’m never going to attract attention to myself if I don’t have to!
  5. I once bought some tablets that I hoped would make me throw up after a binge. I took one and didn’t manage anything but dry heaving – and that’s probably the only reason I’m not a fully-fledged bulimic right now.
  6. I love eating cold custard – way better than hot!


  1. At primary school I was a very good sprinter over 100 m. This was before I developed too many bouncy bits to be comfortable sprinting (now I can afford & find good sports bras I’m rediscovering the fun!)
  2. My father’s family claims to be descended from a Viking ruler who dominated the north of England during the Danelaw. I choose to believe it, and feel that I was more at home in Norway because of my Viking blood ;-)
  3. I’m afraid to swim in the sea. oops – not so Viking then!
  4. In the search for an alternative career to IT I’ve considered something to do with food (but without the unsociable hours of, say, restaurant work) or some form of massage therapy. So far I haven’t done anything about it except for convince myself I’d like it better than testing!
  5. I used to play the flute (very badly)
  6. At university I took up fencing for a while. I was paranoid about hurting my opponent (and best friend), so I couldn’t really attack properly (yes, I was using a blunt sword, but still…) and it didn’t appeal to me for very long.
  7. I get seasick. Cruises are my favourite holidays, so I take pills literally every day while we’re away. On my first cruise I took Dramamine and was effectively p*ssed on one mouthful of alcohol; then I tried an injection but didn’t enjoy being injected in the buttock; but I don’t give up easily when it comes to holidays, so I kept trying and happily I found something that worked better for a holiday!

I read so many blogs that I really can’t choose just a few that deserve to receive these awards, so I’d just like to invite everyone in my blog roll to pick it up and share some things we don’t know about them!


  1. Wow, I loved all of that, you "boring" person you hehehe

  2. I enjoyed reading these! I would have struggled to come up with 13 as well haha

  3. Ha, cold custard is definitey the way to go!

  4. Hi Chrissie. I wish being depressed made me want to go to bed early! Given that you get up at about 4.30 am (when I've not long been asleep generally) then I don't it's strange that you go to bed so early.

    I really admire that you pushed yourself to do the public speaking. That takes real guts.

    You'd be great as one of those people who prepare food for photos because your food looks brilliant. And that's without all the tricks they use in food photography - like coating everything with oil, using paint and pigments etc. Or being involved in any way in food publishing.

    Bearfriend xx

  5. Cold custard... specifically, the skin on top of the cold custard. Disgusting, I know, but I love it!

    Not that it's easy to get proper custard here.