Monday, 22 February 2010


Sunday was not a great day food wise. I wouldn’t say I binged but I would definitely say I overate – because all day long I couldn’t feel anything but hungry. I walked into town in the morning and felt quite wobbly for a while – kind of ‘hitting the wall’-ish. I don’t know why, as I’d say my calories were adequate the day before, I walked around for maybe 4 hours – not that exceptional – and didn’t sleep worse than usual (not that that’s saying much!) So, anyway, not making excuses but I kept being hungry and I kept eating. To be honest, I’m not feeling too bad about it – possibly because I didn’t weigh myself this morning and face up to the effects – as I was not feeling that horrible sweaty desperate face-stuffing feeling that you get with a binge, so I figure that for whatever reason I just needed to stuff myself yesterday! Not something I’m proud of either, but I’d really like someday to be able to eat Intuitively, and that won’t always lead to eating less than normal I guess. Especially when – as now – TOM is calling!

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and toast (nimble) with laughing cow & marmalade

Lunch: Split pea barley veg soup boosted with turkey and lots of vegetables. And a laughing cow on nimble.


Dinner: Some reheated leftovers from my experiment with lasagne a few weeks back. It was very tasty but looks dreadful! Just so you know, this is because I reheated it in a plastic ‘tubitz’ pot with a plastic splatter guard thing over it and somehow the plastic pot collapsed / got sucked inwards in an attempt to seal itself to the lasagne; this also lowered the splatter guard till it met up with the cheese on top so all in all the resulting dinner looked like the victim of a nasty accident! I had it with some butternut squash ‘fries’ and a salad


Snacks: Ah. Now. Breathe deeply… about a portion of Dorset Cereal’s cereal (eaten dry from the box a bit at a time, but I’m pretty sure just roughly one portion). A small Cashew Cookie Nakd Bar. A small piece (promise!) of my fruit cake. A not-small amount of peanut butter (I was hoping the fat would be satiating but it wasn’t) A snack pack of dates. 2 Dr Karg crackers. Some wasabi peas. Yes, I know how very binge like that sounds, but while I normally could eat that lot in a couple of hours, it actually took me all day. After dinner I finally did manage to feel full (or overfull) so I stopped then.  EDIT: OK, I really forgot this – I didn’t try to hide it from you!!! I also had a chocolate chip cookie from Waitrose when I went wobbly in town!  75g of cookie is a LOT of extra calories to forget!

Weight yesterday: 10 st 3.4 lbs.


  1. Some times you just have one of those days when your on constant snack attack mode! But look on the positive side, you could have been eating chocolate, cream cakes and crisps at least what you had was on the healthier side xxx

  2. Eating "intuitively" is something a lot of people can do er...intuitively. However, I think we are in the category of people who have to work at it. I am working so hard at it, and sometimes I feel like such a moron because really at the end of the day food shouldn't be such a big deal unless you clive somewhere it is in short supply :( ) As Angel said, at least it was good stuff you were eating as opposed to stuff with zero or little nutritional value. We WILL get there, long and winding road etc... :)

  3. Hi Chrissie. Maybe you burned more calories in Cardiff than you thought? That + TOM could easily cause the extra hunger.

    At least your meals were solid. Without the cookie it wouldn't have been that bad at all IMO. Those big cookies are a real annoyance! I think that's one of the reasons why the Bear is oversized at the moment. He buys multiple bags of those cookies when they're reduced.

    Bearfriend xx