Saturday, 13 February 2010

Still struggling

But today – so far anyway – winning! Unfortunately knowing what has been going on with me hasn’t instantly fixed the problem. I still have a headache that keeps coming and going and I’m depressed and grouchy – also common for me when I have a migraine going on, but I don’t know if that’s a symptom or cause and effect!

I haven’t stepped outside AT ALL today, no special reason except avoidance of temptation – I didn’t want to go near any shops offering the opportunity to buy scones / chocolate / crisps / cake… – so instead I watched TV on the elliptical walker. Lately I’ve been reading when I’ve gone on the machine, I didn’t think it made a great deal of difference to my effort level but today I definitely felt I worked harder so I guess I was wrong! 40 minutes watching an old Babylon 5 episode and I was sweaty, slightly shaky, and starving! After a post-training snack I ended up hiding upstairs away from the kitchen so I couldn’t fall into the trap of thinking that burning a few hundred calories (2-300) entitled me to eat a few thousand…

Food today:

Breakfast: MONSTER bowl of All bran with peaches – I’ve been loading on the fibre today in an attempt to fix my ongoing issue

Lunch: Fed up of soup… I ran out the day before yesterday and haven’t yet made another batch, so instead I had breakfast for lunch in the form of beans on toast (Weight Watchers beans and nimble bread) with sweetcorn mixed into the beans, topped with a poached egg


Dinner: My last portion of the rubbishy quorn-bulgur chilli from the freezer (I do not like to throw food away, even if it isn’t very good!) spiced up with taco seasoning mix; served in a wrap (as much as I could fit into the wrap before it fell apart!) with added black beans, more mushrooms, avocado, crème fraiche and low fat cheese. With a salad to bulk things up a bit! The taco seasoning helped jazz things up better than my other attempts at saving the chilli, but it still wasn’t stunning – not that it matters now I don’t have any left! I won’t be recreating that recipe, that’s for sure! It was very very filling though, to be fair, I’m stuffed now – and my headache is coming back again :-(


Snacks: Protein smoothie; toast with laughing cow & jam; fromage frais with granola. (That’s in an individual ramekin in case you thought I’d gone overboard!)


Also some raisins and frozen fruit, but just nibbles and well within calories.

Still no weigh in…

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  1. Hi Chrissie. You seem to be stuck in headache city. Hope some tablets work soon.

    I assume you meant 34 mins rather than 340! You've done well today on the food - good job resisting extra calories. I know how difficult it is.

    Have you tried All Bran and prunes? Prunes are practically the only dried fruit I can safely have in the house. Because what idiot would binge on them? Not even me!

    Have you tried good bacteria tablets?

    Bearfriend xx