Saturday, 27 February 2010

Saturday still going strong(ish)

Still no shredding but I think I’ll be getting into it again soon – probably Monday. I did manage to go for a walk with a not-too-heavy rucksack though, and even though the weather was nothing special I enjoyed the fresh air. I also met a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a German Shepherd day to say hello to, that makes me happy! They were 2 very beautiful dogs and they both knew it – they didn’t fuss over me, they permitted me to make a fuss of them! I did feel snacky today and yet at the same time I was motivated to not break the plan. I walked around Waitrose this morning looking at the chocolate, but somehow managed to persuade myself to buy a banana instead! It was nowhere near as satisfying, so I had to fill the afternoon with a hot bath and a self-manicure to keep out of the kitchen. It worked though! This time…

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat bran soaked in apple & ginger juice with Greek yoghurt, chia seeds, chopped apple and vanilla protein


Lunch: Chunky home-made vegetable soup with open-faced sandwiches of roasted garlic bread, hard-boiled egg, LC, and tomato


Dinner: Quorn bolognese sauce with wholemeal pasta and salad



Snacks: Banana; Popcorn with nutritional yeast (yum!!!) and Greek yoghurt with honey and cereal

Weight today: 10 st 2.25lbs


  1. Good for you on finding an alternative to snacking. I have to make myself an actual list of alternatives when I find myself in that mood.

    Nutritional yeast? Hmmmm.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Sorry I couldn't comment on this yesterday BTW - I tried last night at (ahem) 1.30am but couldn't sign in to blogger (the blue thing across the top of blogs was missing!) and couldn't get your comment box to come up either.

    Looks like you had a very good food day - hurray for winning the battle!

    With the popcorn do you put the yeast in the popper? I have an air popper but the instructions say on no account to put any other ingredients in it. I saw this popcorn on Graze with me (I think) and it looked great.

    Bearfriend xx