Monday, 15 February 2010

Ouch! My aching feet…

My brother came over today for another big hike and lots of chat ;-) It was a great day again, thoroughly enjoyed myself. We went into town and then took a huge detour on the way home via some posh areas local-ish to us – the kind of houses rich people buy to enjoy country living, where they can’t see their neighbours, if you know the sort of thing! We both picked our favourites and planned what to do if we win vast fortunes on the lottery ;-)

We emerged from our detour at a place I didn’t immediately recognise (never having seen it from that direction) and I was getting a little worried that we’d still be walking at midnight, but by a miracle my very dodgy sense of direction had kicked in and we were on the right road! In total we probably walked maybe 6 and a half miles, which obviously isn’t my longest distance, but I hadn’t worn the boots I had on since I started incorporating running into my treks, and my feet didn’t seem to appreciate the change!

Food-wise I once again slipped into my bad habit of nibbling while I was waiting for him to arrive. I think when I’m expecting someone over and I’m in a host-ly mood I need to distract myself better. I often have plenty of time to achieve things, but don’t start them because I’m waiting for a specific event. In the case of today, I could have trained first because he wasn’t arriving till late morning, but the thought didn’t occur to me until after I’d showered and I felt guilty about the idea of showering again so soon (not to mention my hair drying out). So instead I ate stuff… luckily he was a willing recipient of some of my fruit cake, so a bit less temptation remains in the house now.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Thai red curry with prawns and brown rice


Dinner: Turkey salad sandwich in Nimble with laughing cow and cranberry sauce – sorry, I forgot to photograph it!

Snacks: Small sliver of fruit cake; protein smoothie; toast with laughing cow and jam;


babybel light; raisins (finished them and not buying more for a little while); peanut butter – very little.

I know it looks like I ate tons but I was actually just about still within normal calories, and then I went for my big hike including carrying some shopping home – so although tomorrow’s weigh in may reflect the extra volume consumed, I am not unhappy about the calorie count for today.

Weight today: 10 st 4.25lbs.

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Great to be getting quality time with your brother! I'm always dreaming of winning the lottery ...

    Looks like a very yummy curry. I love sugar snap peas (or are those mange tout?) and baby sweetcorn. I often buy them to snack on. They're both very filling just on their own for a low calorie number.

    Doesn't look like an excessive amount of food at all. I almost bought some snack packs of raisins today, but could then see that I would eat my way through most of the boxes tonight so it wouldn't be a very good idea. I bought my usual prunes instead.

    Bearfriend xx