Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My body wants to know…

What’s it done to deserve this? 2 days of 30 day shred in a row, 2 days in a row of doubling up on training sessions… and no walks! After the morning shred session I must admit I had some trouble opening packets and lifting up spoons with my suddenly limp and shaky arms ;-) Luckily that wears off quite quickly (so at least my recovery time is quite good!) and after lunch I decided to train again. I had a cup of coffee again for the energy boost – yep, still works well! – and then headed for the gym. I decided to shock and terrify my body a bit more, so for the first 10 minutes I went on the rowing machine. As I couldn’t read on there obviously, I put a music channel on – it happened to be playing videos from the 80s! Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. Except when it makes someone who is rowing like mad suddenly decide to sing along with Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love’ – that didn’t go well! The music and the nostalgia did mean that the 10 minutes rowing (easing into it because I haven’t rowed for literally months) and 30 mins ellipticising went quite quickly. I ended up ultra sweaty and stayed that way while I got a post training snack, then had a nice hot bath to ease my aching legs. I feel really good now – in a knackered wet noodle kind of way! I have to take my car to be serviced tomorrow so its unlikely I’ll be able to double up again – for which my body may be very grateful!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a low fat sausage in a roll (didn’t eat all of the roll)


Lunch: my soup, with a grilled LC and red onion sandwich, followed by the last chocolate tofu pudding, to which I’d added a handful of frozen cherries and left them to defrost and release their juices. I think next time I make the pudding I may well blend some cherries in there as well, it was the nicest of the three.



Dinner: Pan fried springbok with roasted vegetables and dry-fried mushrooms – lovely, lovely, lovely!!!


Snacks: Errr… morning snack (and possibly reason for harder training) a few (really quite few) bits of pic ‘n’ mix sweets from Tesco. Afternoon snack – protein smoothie with extra spinach and a new flavour of protein powder – chocolate orange. Yum! The orange flavour came through really nicely! I also added a teaspoon of ground almonds to get some fat in there, and had a teaspoon of peanut butter for the same reason.

Weight today: 10 st 2lbs


  1. Take it easy there, Chrissie! Rome wasn't shredded in a day ;-) Seriously, don't hurt yourself and allow your body a bit of recovery. Oh, and ibuprofen. Or whatever they call it where you are.

  2. Hi Chrissie. God, you've got me singing Whitney now! I love a big ballad every now and then. You're really hitting the heights with your exercise at the moment, really going for it. Where are you finding the energy? I was shattered today just walking round town.

    Black forest tofu? Very nice idea!

    Your roasted veg look beautiful. I didn't eat any veg today which is terrible. I'll remember your picture if I don't feel like eating my veg tomorrow night! I do find your healthy meals inspirational.

    Hope you aren't achy in the morning.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Food looks vvvv droolsome indeed...