Monday, 22 February 2010


A better day! Today I am not feeling constantly starving – or as binge-y as Monday’s often feel!

Just wanted to apologise for my failure to publish my post about Saturday’s day out yesterday! My PC crashed and by the time I’d rebooted I’d forgotten that it happened while I was uploading the post. I’m annoyed with myself because this is a recurring problem with the PC I’m using and its not the first time that I’ve posted later than I intended to as a result – though its not usually the next day!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran and Dorset Cereals Exotic Pineapple and mango combined (I’d run out of peaches) and some toast with laughing cow (from now on to be known as LC since I’m sick of typing it!)

Lunch: Split pea, barley and vegetable soup and a wrap stuffed with slow cooked beef, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and a smear of horseradish sauce. Followed by a little chocolate pudding made by blending a pack of silken tofu with cocoa powder and xylitol and topped with reduced fat crème fraiche. It isn’t very sweet, which I’m fine with, but I didn’t use enough cocoa powder so I’ll increase that next time – or maybe even add some chocolate whey to boost the protein even more.




Dinner: Vegetable curry with millet instead of my usual brown rice and a little cucumber & tomato. I’m afraid the curry was made with a jarred sauce as curries are not one of my talents – which is why a proper home-made curry WILL be making an appearance on an ‘80 meals’ day one of these days! Even though I cheated, I really enjoyed this meal! Colourful, isn’t it???


Snacks: Protein smoothie; Popcorn


  1. Hi Chrissie. A fab looking wrap. Looks really professional.

    A use for tofu after all! I tried to incorporate tofu into a cheesecake a very long time ago and it was a total failure! It was inedible. I suppose a strong flavour like chocolate will help. It looks lovely in the glass.

    I've never tried millet. I bought some to make porridge from a looong time ago and never used it. It's still in the cupboard now. I've no idea why I'm keeping it as it must surely be too old to use. Anyway, after my recent trial I think it's just safer to stick to rice!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. The comment on my blog absolutely made me laugh out loud!!

    That wrap is really good, mine always look like I've dropped them or something!