Monday, 1 February 2010

Home again – eventually

For the record, I am absolutely hangover free today! Although I woke up in the night with a headache and dry mouth, I managed to go back to sleep and woke the second time around feeling absolutely fine (and, unbelievably, a little hungry….). And we woke to snow! Just a light dusting thankfully, but it was very pretty on the hotel garden:


Breakfast was amazing and huge! Excellent cereal choice (there was All Bran but…. nah!)


Lovely toasted bloomer:


Freshly squeezed juices (I picked grapefruit and it was delicious – with pulp, yum!)


There was a dish of honey on the buffet still oozing out of a chunk of honeycomb. I couldn’t resist trying it and it was fantastic – the best honey I’ve ever tasted! And as you can see, so thick it didn’t even want to flow across the surface of the dish!


Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. Absolutely wonderful, and very unhealthy tasting!


Then we said good bye and headed for home across the Cotswolds. There was some beautiful scenery and the snow set it off very well. This is the best I could do photo-wise because obviously we were driving along, but it gets the message across!


As soon as we got home I walked into town to blow the cobwebs away. Not that I felt very tired really – I truly am amazed by how good I felt given that my usual night’s drinking is one pint of beer! Not to mention that amount of food late at night!

Other food today:

Lunch: My cream of split pea & veggie soup (small portion, I wasn’t very hungry!), with about 1 tsp of curry paste stirred in. With nimble bread & laughing cow.


Dinner: Tofu stir fry (something a little healthier to get back on track!)


Snacks: Popcorn (air-popped, oil spray and garlic pepper seasoning) while watching Terminator Salvation on blu ray. Good movie! But the first one is still my overall favourite, I still miss Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese!

Weight today: Didn’t take my scales so no idea! But I think tomorrow’s weigh in may be a little depressing… for a worthy cause though!


  1. Oh my goodness, it all looks so great! Especially the honey comb! Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. Here's to letting go of our fears and enjoying life!

  2. Hi Chrissie. I daren't buy any Dorset Cereals. I know I would never stop until the whole box was gone. I can't be trusted with museli or cereal.

    I think you did well to capture the snow shot from a moving car! We had a very light dusting of snow over the weekend but it melted very quickly.

    The rest of your days food certainly balanced out the carb heavy breakfast. I had a ton of veg for my evening meal too - stir fry veg with extra broccoli and cauliflour (all microwaved together).

    Bearfriend xx