Monday, 22 February 2010

A Good Saturday

EDIT: Sorry guys, I wrote this yesterday (Sunday) but it failed to post!

Hi ya! Did you miss me? Sorry I’m late but I got back from Cardiff shattered yesterday (why is walking around a city centre so much more tiring than walking on quiet roads and lanes?) Never mind, better late than never…?

I headed off into Cardiff about 9 in the morning and as soon as I got there went for my traditional Starbucks coffee. I must admit to getting a skinny latte rather than an Americano – but at least I (just barely) walked past all the baked goods to get it, without buying anything else!

After drinking my coffee I set off properly. I had several shops in mind, of course they were all food / cookery related – no clothes! I went to a deli that used to be my favourite source of a lot of ethnic and foreign delicacies – sadly its got so expensive that I didn’t buy anything there. They were the first place I’ve seen honey sold in jars with a lump of honeycomb (and I’ve been looking everywhere!) but it was over £6 for a not very large jar so I decided I wasn’t that desperate! Then I went to the Howells food court (part of the House of Frazer chain) where I found a few very over-priced bottles of what used to be my favourite lager (haven’t had it for years and didn’t drink much beer back then so it remains to be seen if I still love it as much – Canadian Moosehead lager. We went to the brewery on one of our cruises and I loved loved loved it!)

Next up was a health food shop that didn’t sell half the stuff I wanted. I was hoping to experiment with tempeh / seitan but they didn’t have any. I also wanted some nutritional yeast but ditto. All they had was vegetarian ‘pate’ with yeast. Has anyone ever seen nutritional yeast in a British shop, because I haven’t?

I love the little arcades in Bath, they are so much cuter than most you see in British cities!



I popped into a kitchen shop and picked up some cute tiny little dishes that will no doubt show up in some of my food pictures now they’ve been washed, and stopped off at my favourite stall in the Central Market for some wasabi peas – OMG love these!

I also went into the Chinatown area, I was relatively well-behaved and only bought one thing that wasn’t on my list – a big bag of ‘black fungus’, because it features in a few recipes I’ve seen online and I’ve never had it.





I’m sure you expected me to go to Wetherspoons for lunch, and I did think about it but in the end decided against having a full meal for lunch, so instead I went back to Starbucks and bought a sandwich. Then I just walked around the town for an hour or so longer until the play started.


The play was very good. The actors playing Leonard Vole, his wife and the barrister were all really good. I have seen the film a few times so there were no surprises there, but its different when its live somehow! My only question would be why the hell does nothing like that ever start on time??? When we saw Avatar it started 20 minutes late and this play was more than 15 minutes late as well.

I rushed home like a mad thing to get dinner as soon as I walked through the door, then pretty much collapsed!

Food today:

Breakfast: A cooked breakfast with sausages (low fat), egg (poached), mushrooms and baked beans. Lovely, but scrambled egg rather than poached would have been better!


Lunch: Starbucks ‘Chicken and herb mayo’ sandwich with a skinny caffe misto – which I’ve been meaning to try for ages and kept forgetting until yesterday. Followed by a Boots Shapers yoghurt with granola as a much less calorific version of my favourite Starbucks treat (no, of course it wasn’t as good – but still worth the switch!)



Dinner: Slow roast beef brisket with M&S COU mash, carrots & cauliflower


Snacks: One Dr Karg cracker before I left; a Nak’d Gingerbread bar while waiting for the play to start, and a small bag of dried mango & pineapple in the intermission – I wasn’t actively hungry, but was feeling tempted by the ice-cream vendor so it was a better choice! Plus a few wasabi peas while cooking dinner!

Weight today – 10 st 4 lbs, not sure why…


  1. Of course we missed you! I just love to read your posts about your travels into town. I need to quit being such a drone and just leave the car parked!

  2. I buy nutritional yeast from a local healthfood store but you can buy it online

    Have you tried it before? I looove putting it in baked beans for cheesy beans! yum!

  3. Hi Chrissie. Yes I did wonder what had happened. I assumed you were having a good time doing other things!

    I'm not sure what nutritional yeast is actually. Yeast extract is the only thing I've had.

    Those arcades do look very cute and inviting.

    Well done for resisting the baked goods at Starbucks! I've been in Costas a couple of times recently and managed to resist on the grounds that they didn't have anything worth the calories. But if they'd have had something in I really liked it would have been a different matter.

    Glad you had a great trip - and some walking by the river as well which is always nice.

    Bearfriend xx

  4. I can get Nutritional Yeast here so I’d be A-MAZED if you couldn’t get it in the UK – the brand I get is called “Engevita” and it’s quite a big brown tub, with an orange lid. It’s usually beside all the bouillon powders and the like. Mind you it’s not in every health food shop I’ve ever been in (and I’ve been in a few…) but I’ve found it in at least 2 now so that’s good enough for me.

    Seitan is really really easy to make if you can get your hands on vital gluten (or maybe that’s what you were looking for?). I’ve ordered some online in the past – it’s actually cheaper for me to order it from an American site than a UK one because obviously America is that much closer …*le sigh!!* I have half a bag of vital gluten left but won’t use it for fear that I’ll get a sudden urge to make seitan and OH NO there’s no vital gluten left…heheh….talk about having to cover every eventuality!