Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Exciting eats

I am sooo tired now! In addition to my normal (slightly boring at this stage) roughly 5 mile walk into town this morning I also went on the elliptical walker for 40 minutes this afternoon. I persuaded myself it was a good idea since, as you will see below, I was having a pretty high calorie and very high carb day in the food arena, and I wanted to work some of it off. By about minute 38 I was barely moving, and when I got off I felt wobbly and knackered enough to sit in my sweatiness for the afternoon snack that was, by then, just slightly overdue. Despite being tired, I’m also feeling just a little bit euphoric (I think it was the exercise, not the one beer I had with dinner!) so it was probably a good choice on my part!!!

And then there were the aforementioned exciting eats! Not that they were anything I haven’t more or less eaten before – its just that I’d never MADE it before! Around the World in 80 meals  -SUSHI!!!

Now I have to admit that this is to real sushi what a quorn cottage pie is to a cow… I don’t have access to fresh raw fish of high enough quality and freshness to risk cooking assembling real sashimi. But supermarkets have the same problem, solved in the same way – so I don’t feel too bad about using smoked salmon instead of raw salmon & tuna, or about using crab sticks. Sorry if you’re all disappointed in me! As you can probably see I wasn’t an instant natural sushi maker, but it was fun to fiddle with it!!!




Off-cut end bits discarded in an attempt to pretty things up… the finished platter is below!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a single poached egg on toast.  I actually wanted a soft-boiled egg, but could find an egg cup when it was time to prepare it (the second time I’ve lost eggcups- weird) so I gave in and poached it instead. Still yummy with a nice creamy – runny yolk!


Lunch: The latest enormous batch of soup, this batch split pea, vegetable and pearl barley. With a turkey, laughing cow & tomato sandwich, and an Agatha Christie novel!!!


Dinner: The sushi!!!


You can probably tell that the big, sloppy looking, overly riced rolls were my first attempt at making the rolls. The proportions were horribly out and it tried to collapse on me! Next time I’ll know better (not that this will ever be likely to become a staple meal) – if I’d used the right amount of rice in the first roll I might have got another roll out of it – I had wanted to have one of tuna mayo, one of salmon and avocado (but didn’t have enough calories for the avocado so I used cucumber and bell peppers instead) and one of crab stick & vegetable plus the plain salmon and rice sushi whose name I can’t remember – nigiri? Looks pretty anyway – sushi always does if you ask me! As for tasting good – the salmon ones were nice. The rice was a little bit under-seasoned, my own fault I freely admit, and the bigger roll, because it had so much rice, was rather stodgy and bland. I ended up leaving most of the last 2.5 big pieces – I just ate the crab stick & vegetables out of the middle. But it was a fun experiment, and one I will happily repeat, especially if I can somehow find a source of really fresh salmon or tuna!

Snacks: Dr Karg Seeded Spelt Cracker; frozen grapes and banana; greek yoghurt with honey and granola (still yearning for the honey I had at the hotel in the Cotswolds – but even without it this was fabulous!!!);


falafels and home-made tsatziki (not home-made falafels – Cauldron ready made ones)


Weight today: 10 st 3.5 lbs


  1. Oooh the sushi does look pretty alright, think that was a very good first attempty considering it is such a skill! I like fish in small doses but I tried the M&S "veggie" sushi once and it did not go down well with me. I actually threw it out after one bite, and like you I do not like to waste food!

  2. The sushi looks fab, it's something I'd love to try making myself.

  3. I think the sushi looks fab! I've assembled it myself once or twice and it is a chore! YAY falafel! There is a new Med. restaurant opening just across the street from my home. I am afraid!

  4. Hi Chrissie. Wow! Very adventurous of you to make sushi! I quite like it (although I have to leave off the soy sauce of course) but for a main meal I think it lacks veg - feels unbalanced to me in that sense.

    I think you made some good looking sushi though!

    Many years since I've had falafel. I used to get those dry mix packets that you make up. The Ready made ones probably taste better!

    Bearfriend xx