Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Back on the wagon again…

The rain is back again and its been damp all day. I still walked into town this morning (wearing a slightly ridiculous hat to keep the drizzle out of my eyes) to get some vegetables in the Tuesday market. I did quite well, a big bag of onions, a slightly smaller bag of red onions, a bag of lychees, an enormous courgette and 2 pack of green beans. Should keep me going for a while! My rucksack coming home was heavier than its been since I hurt my back last week and although it isn’t stabbing like it did then, its not very comfortable right now. I will probably not drag it into town tomorrow again (the fact that it is forecast to rain again has nothing to do with the matter…), and I might just take a nice hot bath this evening. However, it does still feel wrong to walk without the weight on my back, somehow I just feel more virtuous that way!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a poached egg on a slice of toast. Yesterday’s large breakfast kept me so full I didn’t want a snack in the morning, so I thought I’d experiment with a bigger breakfast again today. It sort of worked – I just nibbled on some nuttiness while heating up the soup for lunch.


Lunch: Split pea- veggie soup and a houmous-pepper sandwich


Dinner: Quorn hot’n’spicy bites with salad, asparagus and oven fried potatoes. I like these bites, I’ll get them again sometime when they’re on special offer again!


Snacks: Peanut butter (just a  little), almonds, protein smoothie – to which I added cottage cheese for protein and some blueberries and granola as toppings. OK, and just a little swirl of Anchor Light…


Weight today: 10 st 3.2 lbs – and after the weekend I had – I’ll take it and be happy with it!!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. It's raining here right now and has been off and on for hours.

    I don't know how the back problem started but it's obviously been made worse by the rucksack. Maybe it was even caused by it? Have you heard those stories of children ending up with back conditions for carrying heavy books on their back? So I don't think you should feel that you're not doing enough if you walk without the rucksack. In fact if I were you I would not be walking with weights in the rucksack ever again. Putting some shopping in for the walk home is fair enough. But deliberately carrying extra weight in there is too much.

    I've had back problems in the past so I know how awful it can be. (Which is also why I have NEVER carried a rucksack) You seriously do not want to run the risk of this turning into a permanent condition. My dad did his back in while I was a child and had to wear a corset type support for many years before it eased up.

    I'm not lecturing you. (OK I am!) I would just hate to hear of you continually having problems with this.

    On a different note, the protein smoothie looks gorgeous. But I could never have granola in the house because I would just eat it all in one go!

    Bearfriend xx