Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Active Tuesday

Today’s weather has varied from not very nice to completely bleurgh. We’ve had dry but cold and grey, sleet, rain and snow. The only time I left the house was to put the bin out – and it wasn’t very nice at all!

Instead I decided to train indoors today, since I think feeling restless on the days when I don’t get out is part of the reason I do b-a-a-d  things and go a little crazy – excess energy that isn’t getting burned! This morning, therefore, I did a new exercise dvd that I hadn’t tried before, one I keep reading about on weightloss  blogs from the US – namely, Jillian Michaels ‘30 day shred’ (level 1). It didn’t look too hard when I watched it through first, and I liked the idea of a circuit being defined for me, as left to myself I’m more inclined to just get on a machine and keep going till the timer runs out. I’m not going to tell you what weights I used for this workout as certain hard-core people who read this blog will immediately stop following me in disgust and contempt, but suffice it to say that they were lighter than I expected to need, and it still kicked my ass! I am SO WEAK. I’m trying to see this a challenge rather than a defeat, since you all know I have a history of doing a dvd once, maybe twice, then never again… but I don’t like how weak I was, so I will try to break the pattern. Plus I have been trying to persuade myself to add weights to my activity roster and this is certainly a not-boring way to do that. Feel free to periodically call me on this if I never mention doing the dvd again! 

In the afternoon I ellipticised for 40 mins. I decided to test the theory that a cup of coffee 30 minutes before training gives you a boost, and I have to say I do believe its true. I sweated buckets, got my heart rate higher than it usually is (even though I was reading a book not watching TV / listening to music) and the 40 minutes flew by. The machine’s lying over-estimate of calories burned was higher than its usual lies too, so I know it didn’t just feel harder because I had my ass kicked by Jillian earlier in the day!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches; one poached egg on a slice of toast

Lunch: Barley split pea vegetable soup with a LC cucumber & tomato sandwich made using roasted garlic artisan bread; followed by a chocolate tofu pudding (no crème fraiche today)




Dinner: Tofu in a hoisin and chilli marinade with stir fried vegetables.


Snacks: FF Fromage frais with Dorset Cereal’s Pineapple & Mango cereal and honey;


protein smoothie. After reading Kat’s post on green smoothies today I decided my balance of vegetables to fruit was significantly less than optimal; I didn’t want to rush myself though, so I cut back on the fruit and used spinach and avocado to give me a 50:50 ratio. Then at the last minute I threw in a slice of lemon (peel and all) in case the reduced fruit meant I could taste the oiliness of the avocado. I mainly tasted the lemon in the event – but that was a good thing as the smoothie tasted like a tarte au citron minus the crust! I didn’t photograph it as it looked somewhat gross (if you’ve mixed summer fruit with spinach in a smoothie you know what I mean….) but it was delicious! It was still spoonable and creamy-mousse like in texture, and I didn’t bother topping it with chia seeds but did include ground flaxseeds in the smoothie itself. So delicious I’m actually sorry I’ve run out of avocado!!!

Weight today: 10 st 2.25lbs


  1. Yummy looking food. Okay, The Shred it is. How often are you planning on doing this? Just so I know when to poke you with a stick? ;-)

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  3. I'm actually not wildly keen on the Shred DVD, I have it and did a few times at first. However, I think I figured out that I prefer to keep my weight training and cardio as separate workouts. I have done her "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" workout umpteen times and am actually avoiding it now because of that mainly using Shaun T's Insanity Pure Cardio. I'm sure I'll get sick of that too, fickle fickle! I've read that a lot of people have gotten fantastic results with the Shred DVD so if you are finding it challenging it may be something you can grow into - especially with the three different parts to it.

    Mmm roast garlic artisan bread, that sounds a million kinds of wonderful!!!

  4. I am so impressed you did an elliptical workout after your first day of "The Shred". I did level one for 30 days in a row mid Nov- Mid Dec last year. After day 1 I thought I was going to pass out and sat for almost an hour gathering my equilibrium. It was super hard doing it every day for 30 days, but it got much easier and it felt like a real accomplishment to finish. I am like you, I prefer cardio. I like the way I feel after cardio, I like to sweat and feel the endorphin release. My goal this year is to do some form of strength training 3 times a week. My body has changed more since incorporating my strength training workouts. I still have to push myself to do them...
    Your food looks yummy, as usual...:-) Thank you for the link to my blog. I haven't tried an avocado yet, but will soon.

  5. Whatever weights you used you shouldn't feel bad, you used what was right for you nobody starts being able to lift huge amounts! I'd like to try the Jillian workout, I love watching the biggest loser :-)

  6. Hi Chrissie. Looks like you had a perfect eating and exercise day.

    That smoothie sounds pretty amazing. I suppose the avocado added just the right thickness and amount of fat to the mixture. It's years since I bought an avocado. I used to have them in tricolour - with tomato and mozzarella, with torn basil leaves over the top.

    Bearfriend xx