Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Victory from the jaws of defeat

You may have noticed that I’ve been feeling kind of sorry for myself lately! This is because now its the New Year I’m looking for a new contract, and there’s nothing so depressing as job-hunting in a horrible market, in a recession… way to feel like worthless, unemployable crap (even though my job skills were doing just fine a few months ago).

This morning I got up, thinking “after weigh in I’ll train”… nope, after weigh in, I had breakfast. Then I thought “Couple of hours to let the food go down, then I’ll train…” or maybe I’ll have a snack… and then I’ll have lunch. And what’s more, because I’ve been hungry all morning, I’ll have a heavy lunch – or to give it its rightful name, Dinner! And throughout that time I was feeling more and more down, more and more like eating everything in the house – in fact, like baking a batch of cookies specifically so I could – and all because I’d been looking forward to the visit by my Mum and her OH that was postponed last week, but it had been postponed again due to more snow forecast. And then I read this post and felt slightly motivated, but not motivated enough, but I guess it burrowed into my brain or something because at about 2:30 pm I finally got off my lazy ass and headed to the gym(I’d been wearing work-out clothes for about 6 hours by then – and no sports bra is that comfortable!!!) and got on the elliptical walker and stayed on it for AN HOUR. In my plans, I’d intended to do HIIT for 20 mins followed by yoga for an hour, but I felt too restless for yoga and too lacking in get-up-and-go for HIIT so I just did a fat burn steady state cardio program for the hour, and for the last 10 mins the resistance was turned right down because my feet were aching (trainers tied too tightly perhaps?) but I read my book, just like I would have read it sitting on the sofa if I hadn’t made it onto the machine, and when I hit the shower I felt pretty pleased that I’d done it! Less pleased when I got wobbly soon after and had to eat my dinner late to boost my blood sugar, but still happy I did it. And I’m still happy about that even though it is now SNOWING AGAIN and the snow is settling a little bit so the bin men probably won’t come out tomorrow for the second week in a row… sorry, getting worked up again there, breathe deeply, breeeathe….

Oh yes, and I’m losing my battle to stop the squirrel stealing my bird food, he was back today with a friend and they ripped off all the fat balls again… can you see him? Hanging upside down just to make it clear how EASY it is for him to defeat the wussy human who doesn’t want to go out in the cold to stop him???? When I did eventually step outside they both carried on with what they were doing until I got close enough to throw a snowball at them. Then they left. And came back later while I wasn’t watching for the remaining balls.



So that was my day.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with apricots

Lunch: Fish and chips – oven baked breaded lemon sole with home-made potato & sweet potato chips, peas and tartare sauce.


Dinner: Soup and a salad… a mug of turkey vegetable soup (one of the world’s biggest mugs) with a huuuuuge prawn salad and some nimble spread with laughing cow.


Snacks: Nakd Berry Cheeky bar (small), a Muller Light yoghurt,


and a few of those strange pumpkin mini-muffins that I made at Christmas to keep me from falling over when my blood sugar dropped. Plus some un-recorded peanut butter and raisins earlier when I was pouting.

Weight today: 10 st 3 lbs.


  1. Good for you for making it to the gym for what sounds like a grueling workout.

    I hope you are back up to snuff soon. Good luck with the job search, I know that must be tough.

  2. So great that you did your workout anyway. It's my theory that you get triple credit for a workout when it's the last thing on earth you want to do.

    And I have that problem with HIIT too--sometimes I'm just not up for it, and that's ok.

  3. Hi Chrissie. I've wanted to ask about the job hunting thing for a while, but didn't dare! Hope you find some joy in that respect soon.

    Doing your workout when you least feel like it is when it counts the most. So a gold star for you!

    I've never seen that flavour of Muller yoghurt but it sounds good!

    Bearfriend xx