Wednesday, 20 January 2010

They made it!

And we had a lovely day!

Of course its now snowing again because the universe hates me, but at least I got to enjoy a nice maternal visit first!

We had a very quiet day (if you ignore the sound of constant gabbing – my Mum is my best friend in the world) because it was far too cold to want to go out for a walk. I trained in the morning before they got here – a 40 min ‘Glute Burn’ session on the elliptical walker - and then we just took it easy for the rest of the day, watched a little TV  (Hairy Bikers – Mums know Best – how appropriate???) , talked for hours, I baked them some chocolate chip-raisin oatmeal cookies which turned out absolutely beautifully (we had one each yesterday and I kept back about 8 for M & I – if he’s lucky and I don’t eat them all  ;-) )




And after.

I made 30 cookies altogether, following the recipe exactly (Mum shouted out the instructions from my laptop while I measured, creamed and mixed!)

Food Tuesday:

Breakfast: Pink(ish) porridge! Made with wheat & oat bran, strawberry whey protein, frozen mixed berries and a little soya milk


Lunch: We did go to the cafe at the garden centre. I didn’t choose the best meal so I was a little disappointed although it was very filling. I had vegetable lasagne with salad (Mum had carnivorous lasagne and it looked and smelled much better!). It was horribly unphotogenic so I didn’t bother taking a picture even though the camera was in my bag. We were too full for dessert but the garden centre also has a farm shop so we went over there to buy dessert… we bought 2 fruited scones and an apple turnover for Mum’s OH, A.

Dinner: A white roll with welsh goat’s cheese & salad. I planned to also have a mug of home-made vegetable soup, but couldn’t eat the soup due to having the scone mid-afternoon…


Snacks: Protein smoothie for my morning snack after training and the scone for afternoon tea – topped with fat free fromage frais (pretending to be clotted cream) and high fruit, reduced sugar strawberry jam. Yum yum yum… but they were huge and Mum & I agreed we really should have shared one!


Supper: One chocolate chip-raisin oatmeal cookie ;-)

Tuesday’s weight: 10 st 2.1 lbs.

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Glad you had a great time with your mum. Very sweet that she is your best friend. I'm amazed you're still having snow. We only had one day of snow here. Not fair!

    I am very attracted to that pink porridge! OMG, strawberry porridge ... I like that idea very much.

    I used to do the fromage frais sub for cream, but it never hit the mark for me and would just lead to one scone after another. I like fromage frais but scones are often dry and comparatively low in fat anyway, so I prefer them with low fat Philadephia. Thicker and more satisfying.

    I wouldn't have been able to leave those cookies on the rack! You are very strong!

    Bearfriend xx