Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sunshine, a good walk, in good company

My father in law came over today so that we could go for a walk together. We went into town, walked around the castle grounds a bit, and walked over to the temporary lake in the wetlands when we got back – about 2 hours walking in total. The weather was lovely, bright and sunny most of the way and not ear-burningly cold for a change, and it was very nice to have someone to talk to. We also went into a cafe in town for a latte which came with 2 tiny amaretti biscuits – a lovely treat!  M doesn’t like to walk and my Mum has a dodgy hip so its rare for me to have company for a walk, so I enjoy it when I can – even when the ground is squelchy and clutches at my boots with every step!

Food today:

Breakfast: Wild Boar, Cider & Apple sausage sandwich. I decided to pig out and have 2 sausages but found them too filling so I ended up just eating one plus the toasted bread – I’ll add the other one to my lunchtime soup tomorrow, probably.



Lunch: Waitrose Mediterranean tuna sandwich – no photo because it was just an every day bought sandwich.

Dinner: Lasagne with a home-made sort-of-bolognese sauce (half beef mince, half quorn – don’t tell M ;-) ) and home-made pasta sheets ‘because I can’!!! Served with a very few potato wedges and 2 tiny slices of garlic baguette. It was about as authentic a dish as a lead penny, but it was DELICIOUS!!! Once again I ended up with far more pasta than I needed, so I’ll be making a vegetable pasta some day next week.


Snacks: All bran with peaches and a fruit scone with fromage frais and strawberry on it – and I know you know what that looks like!!!

Weight today: A very depressing 10 st 3.2 lbs. Its going up and up and up, what’s happening???? Actually I think it may be TOM. And that’s going to be my explanation until it proves wrong. Arrgghhh


  1. If I know one thing about weight (and I don't know much...) it's that if you weigh yourself everyday it does go up and down. I'm pretty sure even eating something salty can add weight in water terms and carbohydrates require glycogen which also weighs a certain amount...I'd better stop before I get it all jumbled up, I'm no Stephen Fry ;)

  2. Hi Chrissie. So lovely that you get on so well with your FIL. Many of the low lying fields around here are flooded too. And when I went to feed the swans last night with the Bear the river was just coming up over the walkway. The swans were much less desperate than before but still grateful for the bread.

    Those sausages look exceptionally nice! I couldn't have had that snadwich without something else in it though. Like some sliced tomato maybe. I'd need something a bit sweet and juicy with the sausage.

    I'm sure your weight is just natural fluctuation. And you had a great food day today and plenty of exercise. Please don't be depressed over it! It's really the pits when a number on the scale puts a cloud over your day. Especially when you are doing all the right things.

    Bearfriend xx

  3. Hey, just an FYI that I awarded you the beautiful blogger award. The graphic is available at my site. The rules are you're supposed to tell 7 things about yourself and pass it on to 7 other people. Thanks!