Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snowy Tuesday

Yep, the snow is back… my  Mum and her OH are due to visit me tomorrow and I’m praying the snow clears enough to let that happen. Its been so cold and dry here lately the ground is like iron and the snow is settling, but there’s time for that to change hopefully, and of course it won’t matter if all the necessary councils between Wiltshire and Gwent have their act together re: road gritting.

I had a cheeky visitor before the snow started… He was stealing the fat balls I’ve hung up for the birds, and he didn’t leave any for them!


I’ve been cooking my next “Around the world…” meal today – the Jamaican goat curry I mentioned last week. It won’t be eaten until Thursday but I want to let the flavour develop and also to refrigerate it so I can skim off any excess fat. I already broke my word about not adapting things, but not in a serious way – I used oil spray to brown the meat instead of butter or margarine, and instead of cooking it for 1.5 hrs on the stove top I’m cooking it very slowly in the slow cooker – 8 hours on low. Here are some progress photos, though the end result won’t appear till Thursday:


The meat was marinated over night with chopped onion, curry powder, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, allspice and oil

This morning I browned the meat and onion mix, then added water and fresh red chilli in the slow cooker


Now its simmering away happily, smelling very aromatic and pungent!

Food Today:

Breakfast: All bran with tinned pears

Lunch: Turkey vegetable soup with added vegetables, nimble bread, spinach & laughing cow sandwich


Dinner: Roasted butternut squash ‘bowl’ stuffed with Giant cous cous (cooked with vegetable stock), chick peas, red onion, peppers, raisins and spicy tomato pasta sauce.   Served with a feta cheese salad


Snacks: Protein smoothie and porridge – Sweet cinnamon Oatso simple with plain whey protein and soya milk. And oh dear, what went wrong??? Maple walnut biscotti, craisins and 2 no no hot & spicy flatbread crackers, plus a little sweet chilli hummus and sugarsnap peas snacklet. Popcorn and a light babybel… But somehow its all still in maintenance calories – possibly not by much, mind you! I’ve been hungry all day today – not in a binge frenzy, but just snacky. I think I’ve been pushing too hard to get the Christmas weight off and its left me feeling run down and lacking in energy so maybe a slightly higher calorie day (and an early night tonight) will help. I want to be feeling good when my Mum comes tomorrow after all! Actually, if I’m honest, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel a bit tired and run down. I’ve had the sniffles since the week before Christmas  and 3 cold sores in the last month and a half, so clearly I’m not in tip top condition at the moment. Exercise gives me a temporary boost, which is why I’ve not had many days off while feeling that way (haven’t done anything today though) but that doesn’t mean its really what I need in the short term…

Weight today: 10 st 2.4!!! But ignore the exclamation marks, I’m not that excited because I’m pretty sure that’s a fluctuation, and even if it wasn’t the above should guarantee it doesn’t look like that tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. We have no snow here yet but it is very cold. That squirrel looks chubby! He's obviously doing well for fat balls at the moment (errr did that come out right?!)

    I think the cold does push up your hunger levels. But you're obviously burning plenty of calories at the moment judging by your weight - well done!

    I'm a fast cooker not a slow cooker. I microwave everything! I'm not sure I could cope with all the food smell for hours. That could be something close to torture! Anything with allspice and curry powder in is going to smell gorgeous.

    Hope your mum and OH make it over tomorrow.

    Bearfriend xx