Wednesday, 6 January 2010

No visitors for Chrissie

The snow came back in the night, and by the time I got up this morning we had over 2 inches – and it was still falling. I know in more hardy countries that would hardly cause a hiccup, but my British readers will know that this country collapses in a heap with the first snowflake falling… My mother looked at the news and the weather forecasts and we agreed that they shouldn’t battle the M4 and its 25 mph speed limits for a social visit – hopefully we’ll get together next week instead to celebrate her birthday (on Saturday).

By 8:30 I was already fighting the urge to eat my mid-morning snack, but somehow found enough self-control to do a 40 min stint on the elliptical walker instead. By the time I finished that, showered, and had my post training snack at a more reasonable time the snow had all but stopped, so in a fit of insanity I decided to walk into town. You remember me complaining (like a right moaning minnie) about being permanently tired yesterday? Well my lazy greedy day yesterday had me feeling much better this morning – but now? Well, now I’m knackered again. (and my shoulders are killing me!) At least this time I know why! I took some library books back in my rucksack, and did some shopping on the way home. Plodding through 4 inches of snow is pretty tiring, did you know? I wish I had some snow shoes. Or skies.  Hmph. By the time I finished shopping and started for home I was seriously thinking about getting a taxi… or getting some chips to fuel the walk back home ;-) . I managed to settle for a peach green tea, but I really dragged myself home. Not entirely surprising as I was carrying 27 lbs of weight on my back, and fighting the snow and occasional ice along the way. Note to self – next time, if there’s any chance of a tough walk, leave the cardio machines for later and see how you feel! The good (and sometimes bad) thing about walking is that if you feel exhausted at the furthest point you still have to find the way back again – something I’ve often used to make myself work harder when I would have just stepped off the elliptical walker / treadmill if I felt that way.  According to WLR in total I burned over 1000 calories this morning. I think that’s probably an overestimate, but I’m not sure as the rucksack was heavier than the calculator knew.

Here’s a couple of pictures for you, I hope you like them – but I for one am officially OVER ‘walking in a winter wonderland’



Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with pears and peaches

Lunch: Vegetable soup and a grilled laughing cow & chicken sandwich (a bit dry but tasty enough)


Dinner: Pan fried potatoes with bacon and vegetables served with a hard boiled egg and salad (it was going to be pasta rather than potatoes but I’m really suggestible, and the book I’m reading mentioned ‘piles of fried potatoes’ – my mouth started watering, and the rest, as they say, was history… ) very random, but delicious!!!


Snacks: Protein smoothie, low fat fromage frais with Clearspring Apple & Blueberry fruit puree, babybel light, one No No cracker.


Weight today: 10 st 3.4 lbs – told you yesterday I was pushing the scale up!

To demonstrate that I do read comments and requests, for Bearfriend:

Today’s Protein Smoothie recipe

50 g fresh frozen cranberries

100 g frozen summer fruit

30 g chocolate nut whey protein powder

1 tsp milled flaxseeds

75 ml soya milk

50 g fresh raw spinach

I put these in my blender in the order shown. It has an ice crushing function so I use that first to break the frozen fruit down. As it does this I slowly add water to a consistency that keeps the blender blending (without this the blades just throw the frozen fruits against the side of the goblet and then whir uselessly in the middle!). Then I switch to normal slow blending for at least 3 minutes to get it to a thick mousse-like texture. If it isn’t so thick you have to help it out of the blender with a spoon, leave it to sit for a minute or two and it soon will be! I usually top it with a sprinkle of chia seeds, sometimes chopped walnuts, cacao nibs, raisins… but you can use anything you like!

I can’t say how much water I use because it depends on the juiciness / wateriness of the fruit. I always use frozen fruit, usually berries, and because summer fruits are sharper than some fruits and I don’t want to add too many calories I generally use a flavoured and sweetened whey – chocolate nut, vanilla or banana are my favourites for that. 

This is where I bought my chia seeds, the site gives some of the nutritional benefits they provide.  I can’t say that I notice feeling healthier when I eat them than when I don’t, but I like the texture contrast.


  1. Ireland falls to Sh1t when it snows as well but I think the UK is getting it much worse judging by news footage.


  2. Hi Chrissie. Thanks for the recipe! And the explanation of how to make the blender work with frozen fruit. I bought a blender specially for its ice crushing capabilities ... and have never used it! I am definitely going to try with the frozen summer fruits, but maybe when it warms up a little. I have tried repeatedly to get whey protein but never know which type to buy. It doesn't seem to be available unflavoured. I looked online but felt bamboozled by all the different types and brands.

    Any tips on that? Which brand do you use?

    Bearfriend xx