Monday, 11 January 2010

In an effort to get back to normal

Here I am again. I wasn’t going to bother, since I had posted once during today, but I don’t want to get into a habit of doing the morning after thing! I am I must admit, totally unmotivated by healthy eating, exercise and even blogging right now, but blogging does mean a lot to me so I don’t want to lose it. Just bear with me while I’m being whingy, OK?

I went for a walk today and felt much more positive as a result. It wasn’t a particularly good walk again, as there was a fine sleety mist all the way back, but it was quite encouraging to see that the snow is melting everywhere. I’ve never previously liked slush and brown snow, but at least it shows the temperature is rising! I wanted to buy some bird food as I’ve been feeling guilty about leaving them short since the squirrel started stealing it all! Shortly after I put out a block of suet and peanut bird food I looked out to see no less than 5 small birds (don’t know what kind) chomping away!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with apricots

Lunch: Turkey vegetable soup with a grilled cheese & onion sandwich



Dinner: Channa sag (Broccoli with chickpeas) and brown rice, with a salad. This was a recipe taken from a book called Low Fat Indian Cookery, I suspect the unhealthier version would have been less dry – but it was still tasty, flavoured with cumin seeds, chilli powder, garlic and turmeric.


Snack: Porridge, an extra (small) portion of turkey vegetable soup, raisins

Weight today: 10 st 3 lbs.

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  1. Hi Chrissie. I went with the Bear to feed the swans on the river when the weather was very cold. The very next day I heard on the news that the swans had been stuck in the frozen river and had to be rescued! I was so worried about them. It seems that they all survived.

    I think recipes with less fat always need more moisture of some kind. When I'm eating healthy I love to squeeze fresh lemon juice over my main meal esp the veg. I haven't done it recently due to worries over acid erosion on my teeth. But I do love lemon juice!

    Bearfriend xx