Monday, 18 January 2010

I hate Mondays

Even though I don’t work! Something about the first day of a new week makes me sleep badly, get up early, drink loads of caffeine and feel sluggish all day long. Especially when the spring-like weather of yesterday is replaced by grey clouds, drizzle and darkness so that I need to use artificial lighting pretty much all day. I did make it out for a walk, my usual 4.5 – 5 mile walk into town (its getting a bit old now, I need to find a new route or destination) across muddy fields and through puddles with a heavy rucksack on my back. That gave me some energy for the morning, but I also found myself (as happens every morning) wanting lots of food… I had my planned snacks for the whole day before 9 am, I bought a box of chocolate-coated figs at Waitrose, and I actually got as far as joining a queue at Greggs to buy an enormous Sicilian muffin. Thankfully the queue there is always ridiculously long (I don’t know why, they aren’t that special) so I left without buying anything. And then after trying the figs, I threw the box away – I ate 2 – because they didn’t seem worth the calories. I like chocolate – hell, yeah! – and I like figs – but I don’t think they add anything to each other. So that was quite good. When I got home I went straight on the prowl so I decided to eat dinner for lunch again, hoping it would fill me up enough to avoid more snacking. Not so! Mid-afternoon I went after the raisins – and discovered that while I’d meant to buy my usual multipack of 14gm boxes I’d actually bought a pack of 42.5gm boxes – dammit! I ate one anyway, and that took the edge off. I like the boxes of raisins because when I’m in a binge mood counting the empties piling up often persuades me to stop eating, where a bag will disguise the amount I’ve had and I can easily eat 100gm or more in one go.

After that I got knackered again, so I woke myself up with a 20 minute HIIT session on the elliptical walker. I don’t usually find that very satisfying despite its knackering abilities, but today it was just what I wanted! And although my body is very tired, mentally I feel more alert than I have all day… Of course, if that carries on till bed time I might regret it!!!

Oh yes, forgot to say, I made my spelt crackers again today – but instead of painstakingly rolling them out I used the pasta maker to make them really thin – and they turned out much much better! I also mixed white wheat and spelt wholemeal flour, and between the two changes they came out very crisp, very cracker-y, and completely not leathery!!!

For the third week in a row my Mum and her OH are trying to visit me tomorrow. It was her birthday on the 9th, which is why I’ve been getting so frustrated by the constant delays. The forecasts for this week look better, so I’m really hoping they make it this time!  Her OH is taking us out for lunch, it won’t be Wetherspoons and I’m not freaking out about it! It will be a cafe attached to a local garden centre, nothing gourmet but apparently nice traditional food. Keep your fingers crossed that they make it this time!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Left over pasta from last night. But I stir fried some big prawns with a little garlic and dried red chilli flakes, then put the pasta (which was tossed with the tomato sauce last night) in the wok with the prawns to warm it up. It was very yummy second time round, I was pleased because I thought  the reheating might make it rubbery!


Followed by a muller light yoghurt

Dinner: Split pea & vegetable soup with a laughing cow-salad sandwich. But can you spot the difference in the soup this time??? This morning I was inspired to make a juice using an apple, a big carrot and a tiny beetroot – so I added the pulp to the soup to avoid wasting all the fibre! It didn’t really improve the soup if I’m honest, but it certainly made it look exciting (and the juice was delicious!!!) I can’t believe how much colour came from such a tiny beetroot…


Snacks: Juice,


porridge, protein bar, 2 chocolate covered figs, raisins, NO MUFFIN!!!!!!!

Weight this morning 10 st 3.5 lbs


  1. Stupid internet ate my long comment. Drat.

    Very condensed version: Hope your Mum makes it to see you.

  2. Hi Chrissie. Wow. That soup couldn't be any pinker of you'd made it with raspberries!

    Hope you were able to see your mum today!

    Bearfriend xx