Thursday, 28 January 2010

I guess my great week roll is done…

I was stuck in the house this morning waiting for a delivery of some technical piece of hardware thingamajig that will bring M’s PC back from the dead – all I was told was that it would come between 8 am and 6pm. I hate when they won’t even tell you if it’s going to be morning or afternoon! After yesterday’s  walk (I think counting the castle exploration and a detour on the way home so I could show S the ostrich farm we probably covered 10 miles easily) I don’t know if I’d necessarily have wanted to walk today anyway, but not being able to choose is always so frustrating to me! Plus I generally do my main weekly shop for bulk items I can’t carry on my back on a Thursday (before the supermarket gets really annoying over Friday & the weekend…) so not only couldn’t I do that this morning, but I was constantly aware that I’ll be battling slow moving shoppers when I do go tomorrow.  And (final complaint I promise  hope) when an important delivery is due I’m paranoid about going upstairs or using the bathroom in case I get caught out! He delivered them just after I started cooking my lunch, and to be honest I decided against walking or training then because I’ve had an upset stomach all day.

Frustration,  combined with a bit of housework, made me eat a cookie this morning that wasn’t scheduled in my food plan. But it was gorgeous!!! The first time I made the recipe I used milk chocolate chips because the supermarket was sold out of the dark, but this time I managed to get what I wanted and OMG so much better! I don’t like the super-high cocoa chocolate, but dark is almost always better than milk in my opinion.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: I made a small (2 portion) vegetable soup so I could eat it chunky and fresh for a change. Had it with the usual nimble & laughing cow. It was PACKED with all the veggies-about-to-turn from my fridge!


Dinner: A very big salad with a few Quorn Hot & Spicy bites – like meatless spicy Chicken McNuggets. They weren’t as spicy as I’d hoped, but they were quite tasty and the texture was better than I thought it might be! It was quite filling as well, but I must admit I often find salads filling at the time of eating but not really satisfying longer-term so I expect I’ll end up trying not to eat a naughty supper!


Snacks: Porridge with soya milk and plain whey protein. Oatmeal raisin-choc chip cookie. Rock bun. Raisins and almonds – roasted in the oven then tossed with a little cayenne pepper & dried thyme

Weight today: 10 st 2.5 lbs

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Waiting in for deliveries = major frustration. At least the stress of it was over by lunchtime.

    Maybe going really early to the supermarket is the answer. Esp as you get up so early anyway.

    Bearfriend xx