Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

I started today as I mean to go on – with a long walk! I was out for about two and a half hours, walked about 8 – 8.5 miles, and most of it carrying 22 lbs in my rucksack. I’m now mildly knackered and have slightly sore feet! It was well worth it though – a beautiful day, with a literally cloudless blue sky the whole way, and enough of a heavy frost to make the grass sparkle.




Food today:

Breakfast: To welcome the new year I made a big cooked breakfast this morning, and had a nice latte macchiato with it.


Two bacon rashers, one bison sausage, black pudding, poached egg and hash browns with red pepper and onion.

Lunch: Turkey vegetable soup followed by a home-made mince-pie and cream (Jamaican rum & raisin)



Dinner: Wild boar fillet with salad and roasted butternut squash – yum yum!


Snacks: Protein bar, all bran with peaches, small slice of iced fruit cake…

Weight today: 10 st 4 lbs exactly


  1. Chrissie,

    It is my goal to one day go on one of these walks through the countryside with you. I'm putting it down on my wish list. Beautiful!

  2. Hi Chrissie. I love that ruined castle!

    Very nice breakfast. I've actually never had black pudding. Isn't it a mixture of fat and blood? But I suppose it might taste nice ...?

    I'm so behind in my blogging because I've had 2 moments of connection in the last 5 days. Belated Happy New Year to you!

    Bearfriend xx