Monday, 4 January 2010

Confession time

I ate a Mars bar (dark) today!!! I’m so naughty… fortunately I also walked 5 miles, so its still within calories for the day – so I don’t care! I was feeling shattered and lacking in energy when I reached town, so I went for a swift energy boost in sugar and caffeine, it didn’t leave me bouncing along like a spring lamb but it did help a bit, and was a lot less sickly sweet than the normal milk chocolate ones.  I was supposed to be getting a haircut, but ended up putting it off for another day. Am I the only person who finds even just a trim to be quite traumatic? I mean, I’m virtually blind without my glasses – just enough sight to see the scissors flashing around worrying close to my ears and face – and I know that if it all goes horribly wrong I could end up looking like a nutter till it grows out again… It never has, but I’m paranoid!

I decided to start my Around the World cuisinary trip (I know that’s not a word – but I like it!) today, with a Chinese meal. Hope you like the look of it!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with tinned pears & peaches

Lunch: Turkey vegetable soup (with extra turkey) and an egg salad sandwich (that got eaten at 9 am because I needed fuel for my walk – I told you I was shattered!) And one small slice of the home-made pizza from yesterday (I cut the pizza into 6 slices, and had 3 for dinner yesterday and one for lunch while my soup was heating up)



Dinner: Tofu with oyster sauce, spinach cooked with garlic, and hot & sour noodles.


Stir frying away…


Sautéing spinach with minced garlic and soy sauce….


And all together on my plate!!!

This was delicious! The best tofu I’ve cooked so far – and I only picked the recipe to use up half a block I found in the freezer, with the intention of not bothering to buy any more – maybe not! It was in a simple enough sauce of water, Chinese cooking wine, soy sauce (reduced sodium) and oyster sauce thickened with corn flour, it didn’t even get marinated first – but yum! I don’t usually use corn flour so my normal stir fries tend to have very thin sauces, maybe that will now change…


Another angle, just because I was pleased with it!

Snacks: The aforementioned Mars bar, a protein smoothie, and some stewed apple with low fat natural yoghurt.


Weight today: 10 st 3.5 lbs.


  1. Hi Chrissie. Mars bars are one of the few choccies I avoid generally speaking because they seem to contain more sugar than any other. I don't think the dark version can have that much less sugar in it, but is perhaps more balanced out by the bitterness of the dark chocolate?

    Your stir fry is very pretty! But doesn't Oyster sauce have a lot of salt in it? If I could eat soy sauce I'd be stir frying tonight. In the past I've sustituted balsamic vinegar or Worcestor sauce, but it's never the same!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Wowee, that dinner looks pretty freaking amazing :-)