Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Best Monday Ever!!!

For Christmas M bought me a spa day at a local hotel – the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. I chose a package called ‘Head to Toe’ – a Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, and pedicure, with lunch in the Spa cafe included, and I took the treatments today. I feel so pampered! I couldn’t take photos inside the spa but I think the link should let you see some of the features of the hotel.

The Hot Stone Massage was amazing! I have a permanent knot in my left shoulder that usually drives masseuses to half kill me trying to work it, but this time was a lot gentler. I didn’t actually fall asleep – but only because she made me leave before I could nod off ;-) It was one of the most relaxing spa experiences of my life, and I loved it!

The Indian Head Massage wasn’t exactly what I expected. It also incorporated by back, shoulders and neck, and felt like more of a therapeutic massage than a totally pampering one – at one point I’m pretty sure she karate chopped her way across the back of my shoulders, and some of the head massage felt like the most intense head scratching ever! If that sounds critical it shouldn’t though – it was unexpectedly intense, and not as relaxing, but definitely left me feeling good!

The pedicure was also enjoyable. I’ve only had one pedicure before, and this one was more more relaxing and enjoyable with less feeling like my feet were being grated to start with – a gentle exfoliant, cuticle treatment, and bright red nail varnish to finish off. Too bad that with typical clumsiness I managed to chip the nail on my right big toe over lunch… which is why I so rarely have pedicures I guess!

Lunch was good. I pre-ordered teriyaki tofu to see how it was – I don’t know the answer, because when they brought my vegetarian option over (after I’d waited half an hour and eaten what felt like half a baguette) there was no tofu – but I was too hungry to care, and the food I did get was delicious – but too high in starchy carbs. My original plan was to order lunch early so that I could give it a couple of hours to settle then hit the treadmill and possibly the pool before beating the rush hour home. By the time I finished eating I knew the only way I’d fit in any training would be if I stayed into the evening, and as I’m still full now (at 4:30 pm) I guess I was right. So I left the spa without training and went food shopping on the way home. That was slightly disappointing but the whole day was so good, and now that I know better what to expect, next time I’ll book my treatments later in the day so I can train first.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and toast with laughing cow and reduced sugar jam – a bigger breakfast because I knew I wouldn’t be having my usual mid-morning snack, and was expecting a light lunch.

Lunch: A bento box lunch with

1) Pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce

2) Salad

3) Noodles – fried

4) Stir fried vegetables

5) Prawn crackers

6) The slices of baguette (with real butter)

7) A glass of pineapple juice


None of the portions were huge, and that was just as well with the combination of pasta, noodles, bread AND prawn crackers!

Dinner: Took ages to decide on as I just wasn’t hungry. Eventually I settled for a portion of my home-made soup, with added low calorie bacon, Brussels sprouts, asparagus & cauliflower.


Snacks: Raisins and a bit of peanut butter.

Weight today: No idea, I was afraid to look…


  1. I want your Monday! MMMM Massage. Chrissie, I think you've just inspired me to book one for myself. I've been meaning to for forever!

    Your day sounds marvelous. I hope your Tuesday is even better.

  2. What a great gift! It sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Chrissie. Glad you enjoyed your special day!

    Slightly strange meal with pasta AND noodles. I think it needed some protein to balance it out. I don't like prawn crackers at all - polystyrene dipped in oil. But if they were put in front of me I'd still have to eat a few!

    Bearfriend xx