Thursday, 28 January 2010

And what a great Wednesday!

I’m having such a good week this week! Sorry I didn’t come and tell you about it yesterday, but I had a visitor who stayed till pretty much my bedtime so I just crashed – my little (not so little) brother came to visit me for the day to go for a good long walk! It’s funny because for a long time he thought of feet as ‘those things you use to push the pedals in the car’, but then he took redundancy last year, started cycling and walking to save money rather than driving – and now he regularly cycles 40 + miles in a day for fun, and last year walked a marathon pretty much to prove he could. I was so impressed! That’s more than double the longest walk I’ve ever taken!

We walked into Chepstow, had lunch at Wetherspoons (you know what I had!) and then went round Chepstow Castle. Another change for him, he didn’t previously have much of an interest in history, but now is getting much more into it and the tour of the Castle was his idea. It’s my favourite castle and I love it – but haven’t been for years, so I thoroughly enjoyed it too! Then we came home and chatted for ages, I baked him some cookies (yes, I kept a few back!) before he headed for home. Yesterday was also my ‘Around the world’ meal, luckily a simple & light one, so that was good too – as you’re about to see. But first a few shots of and from the castle for you…






Wednesday’s food:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: 5 bean chilli with rice & tortilla chips (and a pint of beer – Abbott’s Ale)

Dinner (very late): Mexican Black bean & sweet potato burrito with home-made salsa and half an avocado. This was so delicious (despite my ‘over-caramelising’ some onion and generally messing up almost every stage of the cooking! I will definitely eat this again!


Snacks: Ummmm… Before S came I was not a good girl… my breakfast did not hold me at all well! I had my last cookie from the batch I made for Mum last week, some peanut butter, some raisins, a protein smoothie, an apple… I was basically looking for stuff to eat. And later I discovered why when TOM made its presence known… While out and about with S I wasn’t even tempted to snack, but he brought me some home-baked rock buns so we had one each for tea (very yummy – and yet another new interest my brother has developed over the last year!)

Wednesday weigh in: 10 st 2.5 lbs


  1. I took a drive around southern Wales about 10 years ago with my parents. I loved it. Tons of castles. We just don't have any old castles in the USA by and large. It was beautiful there, and there were sheep everywhere! UK countryside is so different from USA countryside - the roads and homes and geography. I have fantasized about learning Welsh history and language or of living there for a time - but none of that is easily done! That's a lot of comment in response to your castle pics. I'm almost afraid I may have gushed about Wales to you before - I hope not.

  2. Good morning Chrissie - what a wonderful day to have with your brother. Has his lifestyle change affected him in other ways? Is he happier now?

    Your castle pics look just wonderful. One of these days, I hope to get to your part of the world. I'm glad to hear had such a great time.

    re: your comment to me - yes, the portions at the restaurant across the street are huge, even by Texas standards. The three of us could not finish our appetizers, nor could we finish our dessert.

  3. I wish we had castles in my country. I love castles!

  4. Hi Chrissie. Beautiful castle! I'm glad your brother has found some positives from being made redundant.

    Dinner looks great! I could just eat it!

    Bearfriend xx