Saturday, 30 January 2010

I’m back!

And here’s the evidence that there is no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder!


I’ve had a better day today. My back was still bad this morning so I took more painkillers first thing, and when I went for my morning walk I didn’t take a rucksack. While walking (and medicated) I had no pain at all, and it didn’t come back till this evening so I think that keeping it moving is key. We watched the sci fi movie District 9 this evening – very good if you like Sci Fi by the way – and when I stood up after watching it, OW!!! Its eased up again with being more mobile though, I think I must have been so involved with the film I forgot to move around (I was lying on the sofa) and stiffened up.

As I short-changed you on the photos yesterday, here’s a few from my walk today. It was a beautiful, bright sunny morning – very cold, but not a cloud in the sky. I went to a small village near here called Shirenewton, which I often visit because its so pretty. Its quite high up and therefore always colder than it is around us, when we have a light frost they have half an inch of ice on there puddles. I then did a loop to get home without the boring retracing of steps (about 8 miles in total), taking it easy and at a very steady pace.







Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: A new split pea & veggie soup with houmous and crudités


Dinner: Navajo Mutton stew (the last portion, all gone now!) with broccoli & cauliflower.


Snacks: Errr… Protein smoothie,


Raisins, dry roasted peanuts, oatmeal raisin-choc chip cookies * 2, rock bun * 1… oops

Weight today: 10 st 1.5 lbs

Friday, 29 January 2010

No photos today

Because I was caught out in a rain shower this morning and got water inside my camera!!! I thought it was bust for a while, but luckily it seems to be evaporating out now and improving so I’m hoping to be back to normal tomorrow.

Well, I said I thought I might be coming off my roll this week, and I was right! I woke up this morning after an OK night and wasn’t feeling bad till I got up – bending over to put my slippers on I felt like I’d been stabbed in the back – right between my shoulder blades. I took painkillers and did my weekly shop with no problems. Thinking it was fixed I then was stupid enough to walk into town (yes, you guessed it, with the heavy rucksack in place) to go to the library. OMFG when those painkillers wore off I was in agony! I had to buy more painkillers in town and take them before walking home. Then I got caught in the iciest rain shower imaginable and for the first time in ages just really wanted the walk to be over! Of course as soon as I got home the rain stopped and the sun came out…. ;-) Then I spent a few hours lying on the bedroom floor, and I’ll be back there before long, it makes me so much more comfortable!

Food today:

Breakfast: A quorn ‘sizzling banger’ sausage with egg white, spinach and mushroom scramble and 2 slices of nimble toasted & spread with laughing cow and reduced sugar strawberry jam. I wanted a lower fibre breakfast after yesterday’s stomach problems!

Lunch: The second portion of my chunky vegetable soup from yesterday with  nimble & laughing cow and a bag of Tyrells vegetable crisps.

Dinner: Home-made Thai red curry with chicken, sugarsnaps, baby corn, onion, carrots and bamboo shoots, served with rice.

Snacks: Oatmeal raisin-choc chip cookie, no added sugar jelly with Anchor Light Cream, almonds and raisins.

Weight today: 10 st 1.2lbs – which just shows how bad things were yesterday. I don’t expect to see these numbers in this order tomorrow morning now that my digestive system has settled right down!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I guess my great week roll is done…

I was stuck in the house this morning waiting for a delivery of some technical piece of hardware thingamajig that will bring M’s PC back from the dead – all I was told was that it would come between 8 am and 6pm. I hate when they won’t even tell you if it’s going to be morning or afternoon! After yesterday’s  walk (I think counting the castle exploration and a detour on the way home so I could show S the ostrich farm we probably covered 10 miles easily) I don’t know if I’d necessarily have wanted to walk today anyway, but not being able to choose is always so frustrating to me! Plus I generally do my main weekly shop for bulk items I can’t carry on my back on a Thursday (before the supermarket gets really annoying over Friday & the weekend…) so not only couldn’t I do that this morning, but I was constantly aware that I’ll be battling slow moving shoppers when I do go tomorrow.  And (final complaint I promise  hope) when an important delivery is due I’m paranoid about going upstairs or using the bathroom in case I get caught out! He delivered them just after I started cooking my lunch, and to be honest I decided against walking or training then because I’ve had an upset stomach all day.

Frustration,  combined with a bit of housework, made me eat a cookie this morning that wasn’t scheduled in my food plan. But it was gorgeous!!! The first time I made the recipe I used milk chocolate chips because the supermarket was sold out of the dark, but this time I managed to get what I wanted and OMG so much better! I don’t like the super-high cocoa chocolate, but dark is almost always better than milk in my opinion.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: I made a small (2 portion) vegetable soup so I could eat it chunky and fresh for a change. Had it with the usual nimble & laughing cow. It was PACKED with all the veggies-about-to-turn from my fridge!


Dinner: A very big salad with a few Quorn Hot & Spicy bites – like meatless spicy Chicken McNuggets. They weren’t as spicy as I’d hoped, but they were quite tasty and the texture was better than I thought it might be! It was quite filling as well, but I must admit I often find salads filling at the time of eating but not really satisfying longer-term so I expect I’ll end up trying not to eat a naughty supper!


Snacks: Porridge with soya milk and plain whey protein. Oatmeal raisin-choc chip cookie. Rock bun. Raisins and almonds – roasted in the oven then tossed with a little cayenne pepper & dried thyme

Weight today: 10 st 2.5 lbs



Just a quick one to thank Hallie for giving me the Beautiful Blogger award!  I have been struggling to think of seven interesting things you don’t know about me, but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten or was ignoring you! Thanks also for the lovely things you said about me on your blog! I will come up with my 7 things – and 7 blogs to pass it onto – very soon!

And what a great Wednesday!

I’m having such a good week this week! Sorry I didn’t come and tell you about it yesterday, but I had a visitor who stayed till pretty much my bedtime so I just crashed – my little (not so little) brother came to visit me for the day to go for a good long walk! It’s funny because for a long time he thought of feet as ‘those things you use to push the pedals in the car’, but then he took redundancy last year, started cycling and walking to save money rather than driving – and now he regularly cycles 40 + miles in a day for fun, and last year walked a marathon pretty much to prove he could. I was so impressed! That’s more than double the longest walk I’ve ever taken!

We walked into Chepstow, had lunch at Wetherspoons (you know what I had!) and then went round Chepstow Castle. Another change for him, he didn’t previously have much of an interest in history, but now is getting much more into it and the tour of the Castle was his idea. It’s my favourite castle and I love it – but haven’t been for years, so I thoroughly enjoyed it too! Then we came home and chatted for ages, I baked him some cookies (yes, I kept a few back!) before he headed for home. Yesterday was also my ‘Around the world’ meal, luckily a simple & light one, so that was good too – as you’re about to see. But first a few shots of and from the castle for you…






Wednesday’s food:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: 5 bean chilli with rice & tortilla chips (and a pint of beer – Abbott’s Ale)

Dinner (very late): Mexican Black bean & sweet potato burrito with home-made salsa and half an avocado. This was so delicious (despite my ‘over-caramelising’ some onion and generally messing up almost every stage of the cooking! I will definitely eat this again!


Snacks: Ummmm… Before S came I was not a good girl… my breakfast did not hold me at all well! I had my last cookie from the batch I made for Mum last week, some peanut butter, some raisins, a protein smoothie, an apple… I was basically looking for stuff to eat. And later I discovered why when TOM made its presence known… While out and about with S I wasn’t even tempted to snack, but he brought me some home-baked rock buns so we had one each for tea (very yummy – and yet another new interest my brother has developed over the last year!)

Wednesday weigh in: 10 st 2.5 lbs

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Still invigorated

I’ve felt pretty good all day today, even though the sky was grey and it was pretty dreary (though not actually raining). I must have lots more massages, they really agree with me!

I walked into town this morning to buy some wrapping paper and a birthday card for a family member who’s 40 on Sunday, and enjoyed my walk much more than I have been doing lately. This afternoon I was actually inspired to pop into the gym for a short time – 20 mins on a stationary bike. I haven’t use a bike for quite a while because I find my nether regions don’t take kindly to the seat (even with a padded seat fitted and a pair of padded shorts on me!) but I’ve decided to start small and build it up because I can’t really rely just on walking / ellipticisizing for ever! I can’t say I enjoyed it, but the time went quite quickly – we’ll see how my more delicate areas feel later!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and a snack pack of raisins

Lunch: Vegetable soup with added beans and other veggies served with home-made quinoa bread (baked the second loaf today after leaving the dough in the fridge for 3 or 4 days and it was even better than the last one!) spread with a lovely citrusy-tasting Welsh goat’s cheese. Followed by a Cherry flavoured Muller Light yoghurt.



Dinner: Roasted Vegetable lasagne (made with my home-made lasagne sheets – did I mention they were partly made with wholemeal spelt flour? Much harder to work with, but it tastes just fine!) with salad and butternut squash ‘fries’


Snacks: ‘Overnight oats’ – wholegrain oatmeal soaked in soya milk for a few hours; half way through that time I added some frozen mango chunks and chia seeds, and when I was ready to eat it I added the seeds from a passion fruit. It was absolutely delicious! 


And a plate of chopped bell peppers with a snack pot of roasted red pepper houmous. So pretty and really lovely!


Weight today: 10 st 4.25 lbs. I could wail and gnash my teeth, but I’m not too bothered after yesterdays oily & salty lunch!

Best Monday Ever!!!

For Christmas M bought me a spa day at a local hotel – the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. I chose a package called ‘Head to Toe’ – a Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, and pedicure, with lunch in the Spa cafe included, and I took the treatments today. I feel so pampered! I couldn’t take photos inside the spa but I think the link should let you see some of the features of the hotel.

The Hot Stone Massage was amazing! I have a permanent knot in my left shoulder that usually drives masseuses to half kill me trying to work it, but this time was a lot gentler. I didn’t actually fall asleep – but only because she made me leave before I could nod off ;-) It was one of the most relaxing spa experiences of my life, and I loved it!

The Indian Head Massage wasn’t exactly what I expected. It also incorporated by back, shoulders and neck, and felt like more of a therapeutic massage than a totally pampering one – at one point I’m pretty sure she karate chopped her way across the back of my shoulders, and some of the head massage felt like the most intense head scratching ever! If that sounds critical it shouldn’t though – it was unexpectedly intense, and not as relaxing, but definitely left me feeling good!

The pedicure was also enjoyable. I’ve only had one pedicure before, and this one was more more relaxing and enjoyable with less feeling like my feet were being grated to start with – a gentle exfoliant, cuticle treatment, and bright red nail varnish to finish off. Too bad that with typical clumsiness I managed to chip the nail on my right big toe over lunch… which is why I so rarely have pedicures I guess!

Lunch was good. I pre-ordered teriyaki tofu to see how it was – I don’t know the answer, because when they brought my vegetarian option over (after I’d waited half an hour and eaten what felt like half a baguette) there was no tofu – but I was too hungry to care, and the food I did get was delicious – but too high in starchy carbs. My original plan was to order lunch early so that I could give it a couple of hours to settle then hit the treadmill and possibly the pool before beating the rush hour home. By the time I finished eating I knew the only way I’d fit in any training would be if I stayed into the evening, and as I’m still full now (at 4:30 pm) I guess I was right. So I left the spa without training and went food shopping on the way home. That was slightly disappointing but the whole day was so good, and now that I know better what to expect, next time I’ll book my treatments later in the day so I can train first.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches and toast with laughing cow and reduced sugar jam – a bigger breakfast because I knew I wouldn’t be having my usual mid-morning snack, and was expecting a light lunch.

Lunch: A bento box lunch with

1) Pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce

2) Salad

3) Noodles – fried

4) Stir fried vegetables

5) Prawn crackers

6) The slices of baguette (with real butter)

7) A glass of pineapple juice


None of the portions were huge, and that was just as well with the combination of pasta, noodles, bread AND prawn crackers!

Dinner: Took ages to decide on as I just wasn’t hungry. Eventually I settled for a portion of my home-made soup, with added low calorie bacon, Brussels sprouts, asparagus & cauliflower.


Snacks: Raisins and a bit of peanut butter.

Weight today: No idea, I was afraid to look…

Sunday, 24 January 2010


A very refined-carbs heavy day today I’m afraid…

I did get a walk in this morning, and it was good – bright blue sky, sunshine (no warmth though), dry, frosty and cold on the way out but lovely and mild on the way back. I even got the chance to say hello to a nice friendly dog tied up outside the supermarket!


Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Vegetable soup with wild boar sausage in it and nimble with laughing cow


Dinner: Egg-white scramble with peppers, mushrooms, onion & spinach in it, plus a tiny bit of feta to use up. And a side order of steamed asparagus – no where near as good as griddled!


Snacks: Where to start… 2 of my home-made cookies, large quantities of peanut butter & spicy almonds, raisins, protein smoothie, a small bag of Nestle’s clusters, and a small box of chocolate-coated meringues. I don’t know why, but for some reason I was just craving sugar today! And a vanilla muller light, and a little pot of melon…

Weight: 10 st 2.5 lbs (may not weigh again tomorrow given the above…)

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sunshine, a good walk, in good company

My father in law came over today so that we could go for a walk together. We went into town, walked around the castle grounds a bit, and walked over to the temporary lake in the wetlands when we got back – about 2 hours walking in total. The weather was lovely, bright and sunny most of the way and not ear-burningly cold for a change, and it was very nice to have someone to talk to. We also went into a cafe in town for a latte which came with 2 tiny amaretti biscuits – a lovely treat!  M doesn’t like to walk and my Mum has a dodgy hip so its rare for me to have company for a walk, so I enjoy it when I can – even when the ground is squelchy and clutches at my boots with every step!

Food today:

Breakfast: Wild Boar, Cider & Apple sausage sandwich. I decided to pig out and have 2 sausages but found them too filling so I ended up just eating one plus the toasted bread – I’ll add the other one to my lunchtime soup tomorrow, probably.



Lunch: Waitrose Mediterranean tuna sandwich – no photo because it was just an every day bought sandwich.

Dinner: Lasagne with a home-made sort-of-bolognese sauce (half beef mince, half quorn – don’t tell M ;-) ) and home-made pasta sheets ‘because I can’!!! Served with a very few potato wedges and 2 tiny slices of garlic baguette. It was about as authentic a dish as a lead penny, but it was DELICIOUS!!! Once again I ended up with far more pasta than I needed, so I’ll be making a vegetable pasta some day next week.


Snacks: All bran with peaches and a fruit scone with fromage frais and strawberry on it – and I know you know what that looks like!!!

Weight today: A very depressing 10 st 3.2 lbs. Its going up and up and up, what’s happening???? Actually I think it may be TOM. And that’s going to be my explanation until it proves wrong. Arrgghhh

Friday, 22 January 2010

Tough day today

Barely slept last night, and didn’t much enjoy the hours spent tossing and turning. That’ll teach me to have a cappuccino at 2 pm – I just can’t drink coffee in the afternoon!

I felt quite dodgy this afternoon, and very snacky, so I forced myself to go for a 5 mile walk, but didn’t enjoy it much and didn’t get the energy boost I was hoping for sadly. Sorry this is a bit brief and self-pitying, but that’s all I’ve got today!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Vegetable soup with added spelt, brussels sprouts and borlotti beans and laughing cow, plus more laughing cow on Nimble bread


Dinner: Quorn cottage pie with steamed green beans, carrots and sweetcorn


Snacks: Protein smoothie, bran muffin, 2 home-made cookies, raisins, home-made crackers with caramelised onion houmous.

Weight today: 10 st 2.4 lbs!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Went for my weekly shop today and completely forgot my shopping list – I hate when I do that! I only forgot a few things, and it gave me a reason to walk into town afterwards so I didn’t mind too much!

I baked again today – some quinoa bread and some bran muffins for M – he has them for breakfast on work days.




Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Vegetable soup with borlotti beans and a couple of houmous & peppers open sandwiches made using my home-made quinoa bread. So nutty and delicious!!!


Dinner: Last night’s bulgar pilaff – mixed with raisins, toasted pine nuts, dried mint, lemon zest and a tiny smidgeon of mild chilli powder - stuffed in bell peppers with a feta cheese salad


Snacks: 2 Protein smoothies – the normal one and one made with cherries & banana for a change of pace. Plus some home-made crackers with caramelised onion houmous and a box of ‘chocolate chip cookie’ Poppets!

Weight today: 10 st 1.5 lbs

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Wednesday, rain, sleet and snow

All the bad weather types in one dreary day today! Luckily I didn’t plan on going for a walk as I have felt a little sub-par today – just tired, possibly because I haven’t had a day off exercise for over a week.

Any how, I drove to Waitrose through very wet falling snow earlier for a few bits (managed to resist buying naughty treats even though I kind of wanted to…) and came back to indulge my cooking tendencies!!!

Last week I received this book from Amazon. I had to buy some extra ingredients before I could get started – mainly vital wheat  gluten to hopefully allow me to make some wholemeal bread that doesn’t weigh a ton and come out like a sad brown brick – whether that works will be discovered tomorrow when I bake my first loaf of quinoa bread, as the dough is now slowly maturing in the refrigerator. But that wasn’t all I wanted to do today – it was time for a ‘Round the World in 80 meals’ day! I nearly didn’t make this recipe at the last minute because I can’t tell you what country it originated in! The recipe came from this book, and while most of the recipes in there specify the exact country, these two didn’t! Then I decided that was a stupid reason to change my plans as I really liked the look of it, so I went ahead anyway – we’ll just have to call it ‘Middle Eastern Leek Meatballs’ and Burghul Pilav. If anyone thinks they sound at all familiar, please let me know where they do come from and don’t hate me for my ignorance! The reason I liked the sound of the meatballs was that they are a lot lighter than most meatballs due to containing twice as much leek as meat. I used beef mince because I had it, lamb was an option too, and they were cooked by simmering them in a sauce of lemon juice, water and butter after being browned in oil. The burghul pilav was very plain – just bulgar wheat simmered in vegetable stock than left to absorb the remaining stock and a small quantity of butter off the heat – but tasted surprisingly rich and filling. It also made a GIGANTIC portion so I only served up half and kept the other half for another day.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Nimble with laughing cow and vegetable soup (to which I added chick peas, borlotti beans and cooked spelt berries that I bought at Waitrose – they thickened the soup up amazingly!) with a side serving of steamed broccoli and green beans just because.


Dinner: Middle Eastern Leek Meatballs with bulgar pilaff, grilled asparagus & aubergine. Delicious, I’m glad to have another portion for another day, and very satisfying!


Snacks: Didn’t have a morning snack because I just wasn’t hungry. This afternoon I just had a box of raisins, a little peanut butter, a sugar free Strawberry jelly – oh yes, and one of my cookies from yesterday ;-)

Weight this morning: 10 st 1.5 lbs (not that I believe that – I’ve had what must politely be described as an ‘upset stomach’ today…

They made it!

And we had a lovely day!

Of course its now snowing again because the universe hates me, but at least I got to enjoy a nice maternal visit first!

We had a very quiet day (if you ignore the sound of constant gabbing – my Mum is my best friend in the world) because it was far too cold to want to go out for a walk. I trained in the morning before they got here – a 40 min ‘Glute Burn’ session on the elliptical walker - and then we just took it easy for the rest of the day, watched a little TV  (Hairy Bikers – Mums know Best – how appropriate???) , talked for hours, I baked them some chocolate chip-raisin oatmeal cookies which turned out absolutely beautifully (we had one each yesterday and I kept back about 8 for M & I – if he’s lucky and I don’t eat them all  ;-) )




And after.

I made 30 cookies altogether, following the recipe exactly (Mum shouted out the instructions from my laptop while I measured, creamed and mixed!)

Food Tuesday:

Breakfast: Pink(ish) porridge! Made with wheat & oat bran, strawberry whey protein, frozen mixed berries and a little soya milk


Lunch: We did go to the cafe at the garden centre. I didn’t choose the best meal so I was a little disappointed although it was very filling. I had vegetable lasagne with salad (Mum had carnivorous lasagne and it looked and smelled much better!). It was horribly unphotogenic so I didn’t bother taking a picture even though the camera was in my bag. We were too full for dessert but the garden centre also has a farm shop so we went over there to buy dessert… we bought 2 fruited scones and an apple turnover for Mum’s OH, A.

Dinner: A white roll with welsh goat’s cheese & salad. I planned to also have a mug of home-made vegetable soup, but couldn’t eat the soup due to having the scone mid-afternoon…


Snacks: Protein smoothie for my morning snack after training and the scone for afternoon tea – topped with fat free fromage frais (pretending to be clotted cream) and high fruit, reduced sugar strawberry jam. Yum yum yum… but they were huge and Mum & I agreed we really should have shared one!


Supper: One chocolate chip-raisin oatmeal cookie ;-)

Tuesday’s weight: 10 st 2.1 lbs.

Monday, 18 January 2010

I hate Mondays

Even though I don’t work! Something about the first day of a new week makes me sleep badly, get up early, drink loads of caffeine and feel sluggish all day long. Especially when the spring-like weather of yesterday is replaced by grey clouds, drizzle and darkness so that I need to use artificial lighting pretty much all day. I did make it out for a walk, my usual 4.5 – 5 mile walk into town (its getting a bit old now, I need to find a new route or destination) across muddy fields and through puddles with a heavy rucksack on my back. That gave me some energy for the morning, but I also found myself (as happens every morning) wanting lots of food… I had my planned snacks for the whole day before 9 am, I bought a box of chocolate-coated figs at Waitrose, and I actually got as far as joining a queue at Greggs to buy an enormous Sicilian muffin. Thankfully the queue there is always ridiculously long (I don’t know why, they aren’t that special) so I left without buying anything. And then after trying the figs, I threw the box away – I ate 2 – because they didn’t seem worth the calories. I like chocolate – hell, yeah! – and I like figs – but I don’t think they add anything to each other. So that was quite good. When I got home I went straight on the prowl so I decided to eat dinner for lunch again, hoping it would fill me up enough to avoid more snacking. Not so! Mid-afternoon I went after the raisins – and discovered that while I’d meant to buy my usual multipack of 14gm boxes I’d actually bought a pack of 42.5gm boxes – dammit! I ate one anyway, and that took the edge off. I like the boxes of raisins because when I’m in a binge mood counting the empties piling up often persuades me to stop eating, where a bag will disguise the amount I’ve had and I can easily eat 100gm or more in one go.

After that I got knackered again, so I woke myself up with a 20 minute HIIT session on the elliptical walker. I don’t usually find that very satisfying despite its knackering abilities, but today it was just what I wanted! And although my body is very tired, mentally I feel more alert than I have all day… Of course, if that carries on till bed time I might regret it!!!

Oh yes, forgot to say, I made my spelt crackers again today – but instead of painstakingly rolling them out I used the pasta maker to make them really thin – and they turned out much much better! I also mixed white wheat and spelt wholemeal flour, and between the two changes they came out very crisp, very cracker-y, and completely not leathery!!!

For the third week in a row my Mum and her OH are trying to visit me tomorrow. It was her birthday on the 9th, which is why I’ve been getting so frustrated by the constant delays. The forecasts for this week look better, so I’m really hoping they make it this time!  Her OH is taking us out for lunch, it won’t be Wetherspoons and I’m not freaking out about it! It will be a cafe attached to a local garden centre, nothing gourmet but apparently nice traditional food. Keep your fingers crossed that they make it this time!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Left over pasta from last night. But I stir fried some big prawns with a little garlic and dried red chilli flakes, then put the pasta (which was tossed with the tomato sauce last night) in the wok with the prawns to warm it up. It was very yummy second time round, I was pleased because I thought  the reheating might make it rubbery!


Followed by a muller light yoghurt

Dinner: Split pea & vegetable soup with a laughing cow-salad sandwich. But can you spot the difference in the soup this time??? This morning I was inspired to make a juice using an apple, a big carrot and a tiny beetroot – so I added the pulp to the soup to avoid wasting all the fibre! It didn’t really improve the soup if I’m honest, but it certainly made it look exciting (and the juice was delicious!!!) I can’t believe how much colour came from such a tiny beetroot…


Snacks: Juice,


porridge, protein bar, 2 chocolate covered figs, raisins, NO MUFFIN!!!!!!!

Weight this morning 10 st 3.5 lbs

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The sun is shining

And I enjoyed my walk into town this morning, so that was good! If splashy because the ground is now thoroughly thawed and totally waterlogged!

Food today:

Breakfast: Chocolate porridge! A porridge made of wheat bran, oat bran, water, soy milk, chocolate nut whey powder  and a small banana to be precise. Plus one little square of 99% cocoa chocolate – horrible stuff to eat, but it melted in there well and the sweeteners in the whey powder took the edge of the bitterness quite nicely!


Lunch: Split pea & vegetable soup with low cal bread and laughing cow sprinkled with about half a teaspoon of mixed seeds – I’m trying to get used to eating some every day.


Dinner: A new thing for me – pasta!!! Yes, I’ve cooked pasta before – in the sense that I’ve boiled water and thrown in some dried fusilli or spaghetti – but today, for the first time in my life, I made the pasta first!!! I bought a pasta maker just before Christmas intending mainly to use the rollers to give me very thin dough for home-made spelt crackers. I haven’t tried that yet, but once I decided on my ‘Round the World in 80 meals’ challenge I knew the day would come when I made my own pasta! Ordinarily I use wholemeal pasta but for my first experiment I played it safe and went with all-white flour – next time I’ll start adding in wholemeal flour. I did a very simple tomato sauce to go with it so I didn’t have to worry too much about that. It turned out quite well and really looked the part, don’t you think? Now I’ll be able to experiment with different flavourings, I’m thinking tomato, spinach, roasted garlic possibly, chilli for sure… if anyone has any other exciting suggestions I’d love to hear them!!!





Snacks: Muller light yoghurt, protein smoothie, raisins, some peanut butter

Weight today a very depressing 10 st 4.1 lbs…