Monday, 7 December 2009

Wednesday 25/11/09

Wednesday was another restful day, with lots of lying at the side of the pool. I didn't manage to train, and was still suffering from the aches and pains after my last session.
Sample buffet breakfast shots! You can use these as a reference for every day, pretty much...

The mixed cereals were topped with a sort of liquid yoghurt - it's what I imagine kefir is like, though they just called it yoghurt. Like the milk they used there, as far as I could tell, there was no low fat option unfortunately.
Lunch was more random buffet offerings which I didn't bother to record. Dinner though was the most exciting meal of the trip!
We had reservations at 7 pm at the Beach Bar & Grill, which is a restaurant down by the beach. Because the Cuban weather is fairly reliable (apart from hurricane season) this restaurant has no walls, just a thatched roof supported by wooden posts. Around 6 pm it got very windy and there was some lightning over the sea some distance away. As we ate (with the food getting cold almost as soon as it hit the table because of the wind) the storm came closer and the wind got harder... and then the driving horizontal rain started...
The storm was directly overhead, and everyone was getting drenched! Luckily although the seating area and main barbecue area were open to the elements, there was a small kitchen at the back that had walls, fridges etc. The staff ushered all the diners into the kitchen and we sheltered in there for about an hour! As we all cowered at the back, the chefs carried on cooking in the main restaurant so that the staff could pass around nibbles of lobster, chicken and red snapper - while liberally topping up the wine glasses! It was a great evening in the end, but we were all a little drunk (though M and I had finished eating by the time the storm hit so we were better off than a lot of the diners in the restaurant). We met a lovely Canadian couple as we waited for the rain to ease off and had a long chat. So it was a sociable and exciting evening!
The food was quite good too! My starter was just a salad, and not very exciting. My main course was red snapper - and that was excellent though I was surprised to see a baked potato wrapped in foil! - and the dessert was chocolate cake.

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  1. Thanks for the Cuban updates! Looks just gorgeous!

  2. Hi Chrissie. Pretty amazing breakfasts! Look fantastic.

    Sounds like you had a great time despite the storm!

    Bearfriend xx