Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tuesday – late!

I started the day with a walk into town to do some Christmas shopping at Waitrose. I wasn’t sure if walking was such a good idea if we’d had a cold night, but the roads were really clear and the snow over the fields was nice and crisp so I enjoyed it! More than these guys look to be enjoying the weather!



After lunch I also took a walk to a farm shop in a garden centre near us. Its run by the people who farm ostriches near here, and I use it for the nice cheeses they sell. They didn’t have what I actually went there for, but I managed to find some nice looking other cheeses to buy instead. Each of these walks was about 5 miles round trip, maybe slight less to the farm shop because I cut across a nice snowy field


with views of the Old Severn Crossing in the distance:


Food today:

Breakfast: home made Bircher muesli. This is one of my favourite breakfasts, discovered on a cruise years ago and sought out on every holiday since (they didn’t do it in Cuba :-( ). Its basically oats soaked overnight in apple juice and milk or cream and eaten cold. The full on version probably uses cream, but I use soya milk – low fat soya milk at that. I also mixed in some plain whey, an apple and some raisins, and topped it with a tiny sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and walnut pieces for some texture contrast! Looks almost as good as it tasted…


Lunch: Vegetable soup (told you it would look exactly like the last batch!) and a grilled vegetable sandwich, so stuffed with grilled veggies that I had to eat it with both hands to stop the filling falling out!


Dinner: Hot chilli with brown rice and a side serving of asparagus & green beans – it was going to be a salad, but I decided I would rather have hot vegetables than cold.


Snacks: I fuelled my morning walk with a mini Green & Blacks butterscotch chocolate bar – my favourite G&B flavour. I also had a protein smoothie, some popcorn (air popped, flavoured with garlic Italian seasoning) and a Babybel lite.

After my second walk, I did some baking. I decided to bake my own mince pies this year, and had lofty plans for making a fancy crust (and using bought mincemeat filling). Then I remembered that I’m not good at pastry and didn’t want to have to make multiple efforts at it to get something good enough for the family so I bought some shortcrust pastry ready made – plain, not sweet, as I figured the filling would be sweet enough. I made 24 normal round pies (over generous with the filling – a theme of my cooking is to be ‘lavish’ – so they bubbled up and all over the place, but who cares if they taste good? The 2 bigger rectangular ones at the front I made in mini loaf tins to use up the filling and pastry, so M and I will be having those on Christmas Eve with some cointreau & orange cream… hey, its Christmas! 


Weight today: 10 st 3.4 lbs. Wow I seem to have this maintaining thing down these days….


  1. Hi Chrissie. We're having rain here, not snow. Looks from the photos like you only had a dusting though. I worry about those cows out in this weather with nowhere to lie down except the frozen earth. Surely they should be indoors now.

    Is that a side of spinach leaves in a beaker with your lunch? Do you stir them into the soup?

    Mince pies with Cointreau and orange cream ... Delicious!

    Bearfriend xx

  2. Hi Bearfriend!
    The green stuff in the beaker was edamame beans waiting to be 'sucked' out of their pods - very delicious and very healthy!