Sunday, 6 December 2009

Tuesday 24/11/09 - and Jiggling!

Tuesday I managed to get up nice and early. We'd discovered on the Monday that the gym didn't open till 9 - I was very disappointed as I like to train before breakfast on holiday (usually at about 6 am) so we went down to the beach and I had a go at running on the sand till breakfast, then went to the gym at 9. This is when I discovered that I badly need new sports bras (one of the first things I did on getting home was order a bunch) - I was bouncing around on that treadmill like no-one's business! I lasted 20 mins then switched to a stepper to give them a break... it was too late though, they ached for the next couple of days! At the same time M was discovering major limitations in the weights end of the gym - he said something about Olympic weights but no Olympic bar, I gather that's a bad thing ;-)
The rest of the morning was spent in sun-bathing, then we went to an Italian restaurant for lunch,
chilled out in the room until the worst heat wore off, and spent a little more time wandering around before meeting the others for drinks and dinner - back in the Italian restaurant. I can't remember the last time I had such a lazy holiday, and it was relaxing, but I still wish I'd been more active.
Breakfast: Buffet. I tried for mostly healthy stuff, but didn't really manage it. They had a limited selection of fruits, which I exploited most days, some cereals which I had every day (including a muesli with chocolate chips - I'd never tried any of those before as I don't really go for chocolate in the early morning, but loved it so much I bought myself a (small) bag of dark chocolate chips when I went shopping after the holiday so I can keep doing it! If I go nuts and binge on the whole bag its only 506 calories and I won't get more), and a lot of cooked stuff - also most days. Every breakfast was multiple courses, and I pigged out pretty consistently!
Lunch: Antipasti followed by vegetariana pizza

Dinner: Seafood soup followed by shrimp (supposedly spicy, but not so much!) with pasta in a seafood & courgette sauce ( all the restaurants had 'romantic' lighting - ie very dark - so I had to use the flash, which isn't the best for food photos I know - so you'll have to excuse the glare!)

Stay Healthy


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  1. Hi Chrissie. Seems this holiday was meant more for relaxing than working out! But I'm curious, did you get much swimming done? With such beautiful clean (must be cleaner than UK waters) sea on hand I'd have been right in there first thing in the morning. No better all over body workout.

    Bearfriend xx