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Tuesday 01/12/09

Nothing happened on Monday worth reporting, so I’m skipping ahead to my last day in Sandals. On the Tuesday everyone except myself and my BiL’s girlfriend went off-resort for a catamaran trip round the island with snorkelling, lunch and some other activities. I booked myself a Swedish massage in the resort spa – 90 minutes of pampering! I also went to the gym (a very unsatisfactory session again :-(), had lunch with my BiL’s girlfriend, A, and wandered around the resort taking some more photographs for your pleasure!

First, here’s a selection of resort photos for you:













Breakfast was the usual buffet with wonderful fresh-made waffles and fruit (among many other things).

Lunch was also in the buffet, nothing special and new added, but I took one photo of the famous crepe –taken during the assembly process so you can appreciate its true magic!


The massage was wonderful. It included a facial and scalp massage (can you imagine how my hair looked after my scalp was massaged by oily fingers???), foot rub, and even my ears were massaged! There were some bits with firmer pressure than I fully appreciated, but not quite the agony of the last massage I’d had! It was very relaxing, and I didn’t shower off the oils till the next day so that the aromas could keep working their magic on me!

I had expected the others to get back from their excursion around 3:15 pm, but they didn’t get back till nearly 5 pm – apparently this was due to some organisational and logistical issues that they found quite frustrating. There were lots of examples of that sort thing on the trip – it was clear all the way that although Cuba relies heavily on tourism this days, they aren’t quite as, well, quite as good at it as most of the Caribbean!

Still, for A and I it was a nice relaxing day which is what I wanted at the end of the holiday, and that’s what mattered to me!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Chrissie. Looks like a beautiful place!

    Sounds like they haven't quite caught up with Western service standards/expectations.

    You really went for those crepes! We have a man who has set up a stall doing the exact same thing in the centre of town. He's always busy!

    Seems like you had a lovely holiday overall - and considering how worried you were about it a while back (esp before it was booked), this should give you plenty of confidence - both with eating on holiday and spending time with extended family. And you've got back to a normal eating pattern very quickly.

    Success on every level!

    Bearfriend xx