Monday, 7 December 2009

Thursday 26/11/09

All three meals were eaten in the buffet on Thursday. I spent most of the day in the room or a bar because it was kind of cold if you weren’t in the full sunshine. I did however have a great training session in the gym – for the first time ever I ran 5K without stopping – and I did almost all of it at 10kph (I think that’s about 6.4 mph but I’m not sure on that). When I got off the treadmill my legs expected the floor to keep moving underfoot Surprised Emoticons  There was no painful jiggling due to 2 sports bras being worn…





The seas were still a bit choppy from the storm the night before (didn’t keep the birds indoors) and there was a cold wind all day. I actually had to wear a cardigan in the evening!








Not quite as piggish as it looks – I didn’t eat the pasta or mash in the top picture because it wasn’t worth it, or the fried banana in the second picture because it was both dry and bland. I did eat all the sweet stuff in the third picture though!

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  1. Hi Chrissie. That's pretty fantastic running at 6.4 miles per hour. Are you planning on doing any races/ charity runs?

    I can't get over that three course breakfast! Breakfast is always the best meal of the day I say. Those fruits look gorgeous.

    Bearfriend xx