Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sunday and rain

God the weather has been miserable here today! The sun tried to come out for about half an hour, but the rest of the time, overcast and then rain... rain... rain...
I didn't go for a walk, but I did train on the elliptical walker for 40 mins so not too worried about that!
I was more worried to find that my health grill wasn't working this morning... and then the waterbed (yes, we have a waterbed!) sprung a leak... luckily a waterbed engineer was in the area and could come to patch it up this morning, and I found a new health grill on Amazon so I could fix both problems fairly easily!
Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with tinned peaches, raisins and 10 g of dark chocolate chips - yum!

Lunch: Split pea soup with a laughing cow, mixed bell peppers and spinach sandwich... and a few seed topped spelt crackers!

Dinner: The mutton stew I made a week before the holiday. I froze 2 portions of it to eat as a soup, and it was tastier after being frozen and left to sit while the flavours melded a bit. There was more potato and cabbage than mutton though! I had one slice of nimble with it, which I tried to spread with a roasted garlic clove but it wasn't very co-operative!

Snacks: Seeded spelt crackers, protein smoothie, more raisins, a little tiny teaspoon of peanut butter
Weight today: 10 st 6.1 lbs (fluctuations can be a pain in the ass!!!)
Stay Healthy



  1. That soup looks a lot like one of the noodle soup broths my aunt makes. Delicious :D.

  2. Hi Chrissie. OMG you have a waterbed! I'd never rest easy on one of those for fear of leaks ... Surely the world is damp enough as it is!

    Bearfriend xx