Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sun again!

I’ve been feeling slightly more myself today, despite waking up at 2:15 am and never getting properly off to sleep again last night. The sun was out this morning, and I went for a nice 5 mile walk into town. I didn’t take my camera, and I regretted that after meeting a cute little terrier whose owners were torturing it by dressing it in a Santa outfit! I had a slightly squelchy walk towards the end, we’re on a lot of clay around here and all the recent rain is just sitting on the surface so we have lots of temporary ponds and lakes forming everywhere – although it is improving slightly at the moment after the last couple of dry but cold days.

After lunch I started feeling a bit peckish – well, nibbly really – so I went off upstairs for a long hot bubble bath and managed to wait it out for a change. I listened to Paul McKenna’s hypnotherapy CD in bed last night, I don’t know if that helped or if I’m just sick of being little Miss out-of-control Piggy for now!

Food today:

Breakfast: Oat & Wheat bran cooked with water, I added soya milk, plain whey powder, a frozen banana, peanut butter, reduced sugar jam (I tried to get an artistic swirly photo but I’m not very artistic so this is the best I can do!)


Lunch: Split pea & pumpkin vegetable soup; hummus, rocket and peppers sandwich; sugar free jelly


Dinner: Singapore noodles (home-made by me)


Snacks: Protein smoothie & a controlled number of raisins

Weight today: 10 st 5.4 lbs

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chrissie. Well done on staving off that peckishness today. And as a result it looks like you had a very good food day. All looks delicious - the soup looks lovely and thick and "creamy". And the noodle dish looks incredibly professional! Gorgeous!

    I'm sure the saintliness of today will show on the scale!

    Bearfriend xx