Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Saturday 28/11/09

Introducing 2 new favourites that showed up repeatedly from here on in!

First, a beach shot at 6:30 am – one of very few days I found the energy to get up this early! I was walking on the beach, not running!


Fresh cooked waffle topped with maple syrup and tropical fruit!!!


Here’s the gym, it doesn’t look too bad from this angle – for a holiday resort that isn’t really billed as a fitness destination, does it? Shame it was actually rubbish…


Lunch buffet:


At the buffet, every lunch and dinner, there was a station for crepes, they’re really hard to photograph well but OH. MY. GOD.

Allow me to introduce the crepe (batter was made up with beer as well as the usual suspects – not a vast amount) filled with sliced banana, vanilla ice-cream, and drizzled with nutella. It was amazing. And outstanding. And well worth the huge queues that built up at this station every single meal time! I could sooooo eat one right now!



For dinner we went to a restaurant called El Caribe. It was reviewed online as the best restaurant there, and served Caribbean food. I was very excited (too excited to photograph my seafood salad starter before it was all gone.) The starter was good but the rest was just eh. The main course was billed as Chicken and shrimp in curry sauce – none of us could taste any spice:


And like all the non-buffet restaurants there was no choice of desserts, just a small piece of chocolate cake – nothing special


We had made another reservation for this restaurant on our last night based on the reviews, but we cancelled it in favour of the buffet in the end. Ah well!

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Chrissie. Wow! Get that photo! Just unbelievably stunning. I have to say I'm really glad you didn't leap out of bed at your usual 4.30 whilst on holiday! Lie ins are what holidays are all about.

    That waffle is a stunner! The buffet meal looks great too.

    It's been ages since I made pancakes. I used to do them every year and have lemon and sugar, or golden syrup on them. I don't like fatty fillings in them. It's nostalgic because those were the only two possibilities of fillings when I was a child.

    Pancakes filled with fruit (compote?), fromage frais and drizzled with honey might be a good healthy option.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx