Monday, 28 December 2009


For the second day in a row my left shoulder is really really painful. But the ouch refers to this morning’s weigh in. 10 st 6.4 lbs!!! I know it won’t take long to adjust once I get back on track – but getting back on track is the hard part! I’m feeling more motivated at the moment  but tomorrow we’re having lunch at a thai / indian restaurant and then a buffet tea in the evening. Still, I can try to make sure that any gains from that are not piled on top of gains from today…

I’ve just been for a walk into town, rucksack on back and all that… it was very very frosty and bleak this morning, but had warmed up a reasonable amount, and the sky was lovely…


Food today:

Breakfast: Porridge (OK, its Oatso Simple – Sweet Cinnamon style) with a chopped apple and some whey protein stirred in. I enjoyed it, usually I find the Oatso Simple range too sweet since I mostly switched to plain oats or oat & wheat bran, but that one wasn’t bad at all.


Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup of course, with added chick peas & cauliflower plus a tea spoon of curry paste.  I heated it slowly through for about 35 minutes so it really thickened up – by the end I could have eaten it as a mild vegetable curry over rice, and it was nice enough that I think I will do that with one portion at some point. I also had 2 slices of nimble toasted and spread with goat’s cheese.


Dinner: More vegetable soup with added vegetables, nimble, salad and laughing cow cheese. I know its unexciting, but to be honest I’m feeling so much better without the crap today (though I’m still having to fight the urge to attack the fruit cake with a knife) that I decided going very simple and almost unprocessed was the way to go! Once things level off a bit I promise I’ll try to be more interesting!


Snacks: Protein smoothie; all bran with peaches

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  1. Hi Chrissie. Your food today looks perfect. You've been back on track today at any rate.

    It's many years since I had thai food but I found it light and fresh - much lighter than Indian, so I hope there'll be some good choices there for you. Or maybe you just want one last day of eating whatever you want?

    I think the main factor here though must be the snacking and grazing of the last few days, rather than the meals because they all look pretty healthy. But today has been great on that score. You could confine your eating tomorrow to the meals and nothing else.

    I think you're doing fine and I'm sure you'll weigh less tomorrow. Don't stress too much!

    Bearfriend xx