Saturday, 5 December 2009

Monday 23/11/09

It was lucky that we had plenty of food on board the plane, because after we arrived at Cuba and spent 1.5 hours searching for the Sandals representative so we could find the coach to the resort we still had a 2.5 hr drive to the resort... by the time we got there it was 3 am British time, and we were all exhausted and fed up, so we just fell into bed without even unpacking or eating, and slept all the way through till 7:15 am (Cuban time - they're 5 hours behind the UK).
After breakfast we explored the resort a bit. I have lots of photos of the resort, so I'll just put a couple in now. This beach was amazing - the sand was so fine and soft!

One of my priorities was to find the gym - and at first glance it looked OK, so I was hopeful of being able to train every day to reduce the damage from the excellent breakfast buffet - though I didn't have the energy to start on the Monday.
I have to confess that I didn't start photographing the food till evening, but I ate at the buffet every day for breakfast and a lot of the time for lunch, and you'll see lots of samples in later posts. The buffet was very good, but the meals I assmebled looked like absolute messes - you'll have to forgive me, but I tend to grab what ever looks good as I walk around, and they didn't organise things very logically! However, this was my (buffet) dinner on the first evening:
Seafood soup

Random buffet stuff

Selection of desserts

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  1. Hi Chrissie. That beach looks pretty amazing!

    Looks like you had a bit of everything at dinner! But then a couple of bites is all you need. Plenty of pudding though! Difficult to tell what those puddings are actually - is that a rumm baba type of thing?

    Bearfriend xx