Monday, 21 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow

Actually, I’d rather it didn’t! We didn’t have a lot of snow last night, but it was enough to make the roads feel dangerous and cause cowardly me to panic all the way to Tesco this morning!  I know, I know, America and Kent and Canada are all deeply buried and I had about 1 inch, but the trouble is we just aren’t prepared for it here, especially as this is a fairly rural area, and I don’t have snow chains or four wheel drive or anything. Plus, like I said, I’m a coward… Bits of the area look pretty still, if you look past the brown slush at the side of the road!


I did nearly all my Christmas shopping, just need to get some nice cheeses for the cheese platter I’m planning, (a strong blue for M and a mild brie or camembert) and a couple of ready made ‘party food’ packs to bulk up the stuff I’m making myself and I’m all sorted.

Before deciding to brave the weather I also did some baking prep, making the dough for my oatmeal, cranberry, poppy seed cookies. Its in the freezer uncooked at the moment, so I can bake them very fresh for everyone the day they visit, along with the world peace cookie dough.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches

Lunch: Vegetable soup (all gone now – so I’ve made another batch that will probably look exactly the same!!!) and a bacon sandwich (that I dipped into the soup and that was very yummy indeed!)


Dinner: I used my quorn bulgar bolognese (also a last portion I think) and added some sauteed courgette and garlic, plus a few squirt of Heinz ‘Twist of Chilli’ ketchup. Served with a bigger serving of pasta than I’ve had all year – and I really enjoyed it! (within calories don’t worry!)


Snacks: Protein smoothie; a rather odd mixture of pumpkin puree, natural yoghurt, and honey; and I have to confess I was naughty while I was down town. Tesco started doing pick’n’mix and I was stressed by the drive in, so I bought 2 chocolate brazil nuts, 2 chocolate raisins, a cube of vanilla fudge, and 2 sour ‘cola bottle’ sweets. And even so, based on the average sweet values held in WLR’s database, I’m still within calories!

Weight today: 10 st 3.4 lbs.

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  1. Hi Chrissie. I had a difficult enough time walking into town today - the pavements seem to be completely ungritted. The roads as well. So I was sliding around all over the place. Why no grit/ salt? I have no idea. The weird thing is they were out gritting a few weeks ago when it was warm. But obviously they wouldn't bother when it's freezing ...

    I think you were very courageous on the road. And with all the food prep and planning as well!

    OK. I understand 2 choc brazils - very calorific so you only need 2. And likewise fudge. But 2 choc raisins?!

    Still, I salute your bottle (not the cola ones either!) To put only 2 choc raisins in the bag, that takes guts. Unless you went on the self service till that is!

    Bearfriend xx
    (posted the day after being written due to Virgin still not sorting out the cables)